Ancient picture of the Imperial Palace - [Gu Hua of the Imperial Palace the 2nd
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Label: Beautiful graph Culture Recreational Stamp Gu Hua of the Imperial Palace Taiwan stamp

Yuan Taizu thinks of sweat Taiwan stamp into auspicious

Horn of three round two this Taiwan stamp is resemble be design into Jisaihan with Yuan Taizu. Yuan Taizu is emperor of yuan of government found a state, v/arc be on the throne 22 years 1206 one 1227) . Original painting is silk scroll an album of paintings or calligraphy, horizontal 47 centimeter, vertical 59.4 centimeter, painter full name is unspecified.
Yuan Taizu becomes Jisaihan, unite Mongolia, in sweep anything away inferior. Chairman Mao is called " generation day arrogant, into Jisaihan " , yuan Taizu becomes Jisaihan, result rising abruptly cheats Gu Damo, build a ground to cross the great empire of Eurasia, he leads the cavalry of Mongolia empire, in asking for the Western Xia regime, face that attack gold, sweep anything away inferior powerful nation, the canto that wrote down soul-stirring on Chinese history and world history...
On the Mongolia llano of 12 centuries, distributinging move the tribe that about more than 100 size differ. For contention ley is mixed between them domestic animals, acquire the number one position of Mongolia prairie, mutual between spread out long-term bloody slaughter.
In this numerous tribe, have tribe of a the Monggol nationality. In tribe of the Monggol nationality, divide again for a certain number of ministries, among them one calls Bei jin of ministry, there are two in the ministry powerful clannish -- , beg colour is clannish He Taichi black is clannish. Becoming Jisaihan is beg colour clannish chieftain also fast this son.
The Christian era on January 1, 1162, be born in the Wen Bei in alternate to strap into Jisaihan answer close (today Mongolia country agrees to save Dadale especially prefectural churchyard) . Be born into Jisaihan that day, his father also fast this as it happens captured person of ministry of Er of two towers tower, among them one general name hophornbeam is true, it is Jisaihan to name with its then, so as to marks this one victory. Its father also fast this length that serves as one family name, often lead clannish member everywhere go on an expedition, the property with other and tribal loot. Once, also fast this tribe that entered Er of tower of personal enemy tower by accident, eat left poisonous food, by kill with poison. True ability is 9 hophornbeam years old at that time.
Also fast blamed hind, a few affiliated to a ministry of his at hand, broke away from its to dominate in succession. A few otherer tribe also wants to take the chance annex beg colour clannish, especially Taichiwu is clannish, reave their all domestic animals, those who pull them is vassal, ceaseless bully and oppress them, the family circumstances with true hophornbeam tumbled down completely. Logical sequence of maternal scold forehead is forced to taking a flock of minor children, migrate the Kent of upper reaches of tender river of another name for Hubei province by hill, rely on to hit a beast, pick up fruit, dig potherb to live.
Grown in tough life hophornbeam is true, have a pair of strong body. And the life with heavy hardships and dangers, make he has a kind of adamant disposition mixes when anything crops up alert and resourceful brains. Taichiwu's clannish chieftain fears beg colour is clannish can promote Cheng Qi to come afresh, minatory oneself position, inspect hophornbeam to be future trouble really. They seized hophornbeam true, take him load cangue, send Taichiwu the old battalion of the ministry, the make one's rounds that chase battalion takes put before the public, make hophornbeam sufferred all kinds of affront really. But be in night, hophornbeam uses wooden cangue really knockdown guard, alert and resourceful ground escaped.
The hophornbeam after be brought up is true, to regain the position with beg clannish and high colour, he begins plan, undertook a series of activity. He realises, want to cope with Taichiwu to oppress clannishly, the power that sheet leans him is no good, must combine a few powerful force to serve as shelter. Then, the wife Bei that when tribe is being pricked to marry childhood toward great auspicious before hophornbeam is true, is engaged post, strengthened the connection that pricks tribe with great auspicious thereby. Tribe of great auspicious thorn gave hophornbeam true not little gift, have a very precious black marten coat among them. Hophornbeam regards a gift as this zibelline fur coat again really, the place of the Hei Lin that prick a river risings to a height toward earth before, go paying a formal visit the chieftain of the ministry that overcome intense is taken off strap in Wo. The tribe that overcome intense is enough of desert north prairie and ministry of tower tower Er, Taichiwu the powerful tribe that department posture contends. Be being strapped in chieftain Tuo Han is hophornbeam true father " justice brother " , hophornbeam is true honour act according to strap in Wo for father. Greet through, hophornbeam earns the love that straps in Wo eventually really. Below the v/arc protection by one's elders or ancestors that straps in Tuo Han, hophornbeam begins accumulative strength really, he closed to change li of table early or late, a brave and strong person that there is fight of very much free knight, brave be apt to again after is following one by one.
, person of beg of Er of thin bamboo strip assaulted the tribe with true hophornbeam suddenly, hophornbeam is really brash desert. And his wife Bei post misfortune was gone to by captive of person of beg of Er of thin bamboo strip, he must seek the help that the Za Mu that be strapped in Wo and plunges into ministry tubal thorn adds up to. Plunging into wood to close is hophornbeam true the associate when, they are very fast smash person of beg of Er of thin bamboo strip, recaptured wife and the family that are swept past. Hophornbeam sincere arms eliminated the Christian era 1185 beg of Er of thin bamboo strip is tribal, reputation is accordingly big brace up, many beg colour is clannish at that time old belong to civilian, in succession new go and seek refuge with sb at him, also draw close even the noble that a few have good reputation formerly really to hophornbeam. The power with true hophornbeam rises formidably gradually.
The Christian era 1189, hophornbeam of 28 years old is true by beg colour tribal aristocratic choose is chieftain, established tribal alliance. Hophornbeam realizes really soberly, attend allied departmental noble, just arrive one case jointly, without centralized system, form a powerful force hard. After be being headed to get by choose, hophornbeam builds to consolidate he dominates instantly really positional system. Above all, held water to guard his serve armed escort technically, established those who take bow next, those who be in charge of shepherd, those who provide vehicle of build and repair, provide a person, take a knife, of control drive horse, be in charge of Mu Maqun, the orgnaization of responsible guardianship tribe. The controller of these orgnaizations, be subordinate to of Yu Nu of one's previous experience or belong to civilian, it is the confidential with true hophornbeam, can give life really for hophornbeam in the moment of truth. True special also attention uses hophornbeam the thought is regnant and tribal, he uses all sorts of opportunities in tribe, praise officers and soldiers energetically people go on an expedition, fight the action that sweep past, make whole tribe regards these behavior as most the goodness of respect getting a person. Adopt these measure, hophornbeam brought up a the pickeddest fast cavalry really, those who have fight of a batch of gallant be apt to will be handsome with the commander.
The interest with true hophornbeam gradually powerful, make former good friend plunges into wood to close it is dangerous to was experienced, he is flagrant this new occurrence powerful force, wait confidential eradicates hophornbeam true this terrible adversary. The Er of examine of little brother another name for Taishan Mountain that apropos Za Mu adds up to because the Ma Qun of foray hophornbeam true following and be shot dead, then Za Mu closed to start the war of 13 alas for excuse with this. Za Mu adds up to get together Taichiwu is clannish wait for 13 tribe in all 30 thousand person, launch attack really to hophornbeam. Hophornbeam also comprises his tribal 30 thousand person 13 alas to meet head-on really. Both sides is in answer Lanbale advocate battle array of watchful lay out, launched fierce battle, history say " the battle of 13 alas " . Result hophornbeam true defeat utterly, be forced another name for Hubei province of fall back on went in the narrow ground of tender river upper reaches.
But, za Mu closes to appear too cruel after the victory, he commands with 70 caldron boil boils P.O.W. This kind of cruel violence aroused the dissatisfaction of confederate, add direct troops of his not to be pooh-poohed, in-house each tribal leader disagreement, many people instead before go hophornbeam of go to somewhere for shelter is true. Hophornbeam is true although failed, can not hurt vitality, he is after failure more notice furl common feelings of people. In surrounding hunt, he will be about intentionally in one's hand the hunting field that beast drive takes intense family name into affiliated to a ministry of peaceful bare black, make them much obtain. Chieftain of the family name that take sacrificing oneself for a just cause is original the ride roughshod over of noble of black of bare of dissatisfactory peaceful, see hophornbeam is really such Ren Yi, lead ministry go to somewhere for shelter hophornbeam is true. Without how long, the power with true hophornbeam expands again rose.
After 13 alas battle before long, jin Chao started tribal to Dadaer war one after another. Dadaer is tribal and former Jin Chaogong of leech on to hits other tribe, but zone time of ground of Hu Lunbei Er is attacked in Jin Bing, person of tower tower Er takes the chance to bar the Yang Ma that seizes Jin Bing, consequently Tong Jinchao happening conflicts. The Christian era 1196, gold assaults toward clique arms ministry of tower tower Er, hophornbeam is newspaper family feud really, seize this favorable opportunity, dispatch troops instantly help Jin Chaogong make department of tower tower Er. Defeat utterly of ministry of Er of result tower tower and escape, hophornbeam borrows really machine catch kill its leader, sweep past provisions and funds for troops of its car horse, claiming is " it is father ancestor to revenge " . This the war makes ministry of tower tower Er from now on cannot recover after a setback. Hophornbeam got many goods and materials not only really, gained good reputation, more important is to was the same as Jin Chao to form alliance, accept golden face emperor to award " all department interconnected system are gotten " official position. Of Jin Chao admire enhanced the political power with true hophornbeam greatly, from now on, he uses the capacity of official of imperial court life, order Mongolia tribe and presidential and other noble.
Hophornbeam expands really ceaselessly, make his enemy rises to defy together jointly he. The Christian era 1201, dadaer, Taichiwu, jointly owned jin wait for 11 tribal combination to rise, push Za Mu to close in all for king, impawn should eliminate hophornbeam true. After hophornbeam is informed a message really, of head of department of the intense that be the same as a gram, father " justice brother " take off combination is strapped to rise in Wo, strong opponent of collective meet head-on. Final hophornbeam defeated Za Mu to close eventually really, subsequently sweep anything away Dadaer is tribal, held the prairie of Hu Lunbei Er of aquatic lush. From now on, the tribe with true hophornbeam is the same as the ministry overcoming intense with Mongolia mid prairie, ministry you pretty western, the three-ply force that become three rival powers and establishs.
As common enemy eliminate ceaselessly, hophornbeam is true with take off the concern that forces in Wo to become nervous. The Christian era 1203, the ministry that overcome intense attempts to swallow the interest with true hophornbeam, eradicate hophornbeam to browbeat to his really. Head of the department that overcome intense takes off Wo Lileben is hophornbeam true honour act according to " rarely father " , but to contend for number one position, they eventually fall out becomes enemy. It is to take off first hypocrisy fete hophornbeam is strapped in Wo true, want to borrow machine kill him, unexpectedly divulge message, both sides was adding up to Lan Zhen sanded Tuo to have a bloody battle. As a result of the support that the Lilede that take off Wo adds up to to Za Mu, be defeated of hophornbeam true horse and foot.
Before long, hophornbeam is true furl incomplete ministry, hypocrisy overcomes intense ministry sue for peace together, be willing come over and pledge allegiance is taken off strap in Wo. Take off strap in Wo believe, without beware of, who knows hophornbeam to be in really nightly and abrupt assaulted gram intense ministry. Through the hassle of 3 days of 3 night, hophornbeam beat the ministry that overcome intense eventually really, take off strap in Wo escape into group of department you pretty inside, place of ministry of pretty be youed is killed. From now on, prairie of whole desert north, it is pretty tribe to be able to contend with hophornbeam truth only.
Ministry you pretty is Mongolia prairie the overlord western, actual strength is very powerful. Of the ministry that overcome intense complete collapse astonished ruler you pretty, rarely of self-reliant and powerful sun of head of department you pretty dispatchs troops surely definitely expeditionary hophornbeam is true. However, interior of tribe you pretty does not unite, brother occupies one party each, military discipline is flabby, the ministry has each each plan. The Christian era in April 1204, hophornbeam true reforming is legionary, rate army meets sun rarely head-on. Both sides is in accept ignore hill launchs fierce battle, result sun rarely sufferred serious injury, officers and soldiers of the much when the break out of an encirclement that lead a department drops from cliff fall dead, photograph of odd following forces steps, casualty is disastrous, sun rarely also is not treated again because of the injury and gone. Hophornbeam seized the opportunity to conquer really the ministry that is pretty is numerous.
Hophornbeam is passed really a series of plan, go on an expedition, eradicated a prairie to go up eventually 1205 at the Christian era the last overlord, each tribe on the prairie of whole desert north that makes A Er Mount Taishan, Dong Zhixing rises to bring mountain range on the west, almost all became the affiliated to a ministry with really familial hophornbeam.
The Christian era the spring 1206, hophornbeam of 45 years old is in really Wo is difficult (today tender river of Mongolia another name for Hubei province) river source head, the leader that summons all general, noble and other tribe is majestic announce to build " big Mongolia country " , hophornbeam is by choose really Jisaihan, "Cheng Jisai " means " marine " , indicative hophornbeam is had really resemble the influence with capacious in that way and clinking ocean. As a result of Mongolia still " 9 " still " white " , with 9 swim the mark that white flag regards big Mongolia as the country.
After building an empire, built a more complete regnant orgnaization into Jisaihan, this orgnaization has the characteristic with nomadic prairie.
1000 are carried out inside the domain that dominates in him into Jisaihan, 100, the system of frankpledge. He differentiates the common people of complete Mongolia it is 95 1000, cent seals heroes of each found a state to do 1000 that colour, undertake dominating respectively. Then Yan Dou has appointed territory under one's control, offer their nomadism, life. 1000 under set 100 again, 100 under set frankpledge again, corresponding government official dominates. By below consummate, layer upon layer and subject. Then 100 times then Yan Dou has Yan He 1000 influence is in oneself administer clique corvee is asked for inside the area, altogether 15 years old to want to take military service to man of 70 years old, should at any time pending assigns, horses of war provide for oneself, enginery, by respective 1000 that colour, 100 that colour lead go out for a battle. Escape to prevent common people or 1000 between produce conflict to contend for ley, become Jisaihan to set, every 1000 feudal must not expand at will, mutual between must observe dividing line strictly, the person that violate is punished severely. Each 1000 common people, 1000 when also must not leave him place to belong to, 100 or frankpledge, otherwise, want to be punished by severity. Become Jisaihan to be done so, it is to had done census register government, restrain prairie herdsman to swim the character that come loose, facilitating processing.
1000 over still have 10 thousand. Appoint trusted follower chancellery Muhuali into Jisaihan for Zun Jun 10 thousand, administer Mongolia the eastpart part until go in for sth in a large scale of area of An Ling wide earth individually 1000. Rich Er art is right army 10 thousand, administer Mongolia western till region of A Ertai country individually 1000. Nayaa is in army 10 thousand, all leads all convoy army. 10 thousand, 1000, 100 length that wait for each grade, it is descendent, but if asymmetry duty or disloyal Yu Chengji think of sweat, will be punished by cancel post by severity. They are big Mongolia countries official fall forward of the monarch, it is lord it over at the same time the regime on common herdsman head. Pass this one orgnaization namely into Jisaihan, in making large quantities of original tribal population are made up to be in 1000 different by cent, a lot of tribal bounds die out thereby, begin to form collective the Monggol nationality.
To ensure sovereign sweat counterpoises, built into Jisaihan powerful by kubla khah direct pilot is standing bodyguard army, total number is 10 thousand. Its are main all sorts of general affairs that responsibility is the golden account that protects kubla khah and accreditation of kubla khah of be assigned personal responsibility for, also be kubla khah at the same time personally all gets fight army. The member of bodyguard army chooses in aristocratic children mostly, be like 10 thousand that colour, 1000 that colour, 100 that colour son; Also one fraction comes from " white body person " . These people the body is able-bodied, martial technology is excellent, what need charge to be in original 1000 ask for in doors take.
10 thousand each bodyguard army are divided to be 3 parts: Constellation protects 1 000 person, person of quiver person 1 000, medicinal powder person of class 8 000. Medicinal powder the class is mixed quiver person is in charge of diurnal bodyguard, cent class, 3 days of one rotate. Su Wei is in charge of at night bodyguard. The responsibility of bodyguard army is major, the position is very high, enjoy certain privilege. Become Jisaihan to set: "1000 my bodyguard position prep above is outer, the companion of my bodyguard is become, 100 prep above is outer that colour, frankpledge that colour. 1000 outer that Yan He my bodyguard mutual affray, the blame punishs 1000 that colour! " although bodyguard army member has left ancestral home, but right this door still enjoy right of inheritance. These bodyguard army at ordinary times beefeater, war Sui Chengji thinks of sweat go out for a battle to fight. Into Jisaihan bodyguard army regards as country of whole big Mongolia the core of martial force, it is oneself external the the pickeddest, most reliable when go on an expedition in army. Because these soldiers are each 100, 1000, the descendants of 10 thousand householder, control them beside oneself into Jisaihan, also be the behavior of against the law that grows to arrest each official at the same time.
In administrative respect, into Jisaihan the setting always stops thing official, be equivalent to the prime minister of Central Plains namely, be in charge of assigning the responsibility of bogus of bandits of population door number, cognizance, cheat. After big Mongolia country is built, always break thing official to weave the order that becomes Jisaihan, regulation into unwritten law, make the legal clause that all social member must abide by.
"Fasten beg " with Mongolia article it is the main medium that undertakes to broad herdsman into Jisaihan respect of spirit, thought dominates. A kind of primitive witch teachs Mongolia widespread at that time belief -- , Sa teachs completely, they believe koradji can communicate with God chat, relay the intention of God. After big Mongolia country is built, pass to can make oneself regnant thought is connected " immortal day " name goes subdueing the world departmental chieftain and people, be in into Jisaihan found a state on congress, appoint old person of stand upright grandson to be again " fasten beg " , director Sa instructs work completely. He sets: Hold the position of the person that fastens beg, wear white robe, ride Bai Ma, sit in everybody above, choose time of auspicious day good people, publish the comment that has great sense, all subject should respect him, his word has the power of the day.
Mongolia do not have a character so, when tone sends military forces, rely on to written guarantee grass is write down or cut wooden account. The Christian era 1204, when eliminating tribe you pretty into Jisaihan, captive the Wei that is seal of administer of cham you pretty I A of all of person tower tower, the seal that asks him administer into Jisaihan has what use, a of tower tower all tells him: "Always officer of cashier money cereal, appoint is chief, the issuance of all order, want to serve as credential with it. " the seal of cham you pretty is to use Gu Weiwu the word engraves, command into Jisaihan A of tower tower all uses Wei I the letter of article will spell Mongolia language, created Mongolia article. The children of complete Mongolia noble should learn Mongolia language to him. After Mongolia article creation comes out, the case that release place of the command, registered permanent residence that register, record to do into Jisaihan with it and the law that write part. In his in bodyguard army, set a secretary technically one duty, administer writ, this strengthened the function of national machine further.
1000 are made, decide an issue bodyguard army, always official and fasten article of beg, Mongolia use, made big Mongolia state the basic content of national machine. In Mongolia country in the construction process of these political power orgnaizations, show extraordinary constituent ability and political ruse into Jisaihan. Of this country machine found, all tribe that indicating Mongolia is downy from cruel, dispersive society, entered civilization, unified nomad feudal society, on extensive Mongolia prairie, all tribe that different language, phyletic, culture, custom is used to, begin union to be a community. One is a name with Mongolia, powerful, new people, below the political power that building into Jisaihan and leader, begin to appear on historical arena, produce major effect to the history of China and world from now on.
After Mongolia country holds water, conquer neighbour becomes main target of Jisaihan. In this kind of desire drive below, he throws total energy in the consecutive war that conquers external almost. The border of Mongolia country follows in him behind driving cavalry, expanding outwards ceaselessly.
At that time of Mongolia country main two big neighbour are the Western Xia regime and Jin Chao, they become Jisaihan the object of principal conquer.
The Western Xia regime is by the party a group of things with common features built political power. The Christian era 1038, party a group of things with common features chieftain Li Yuanhao weighs the Supreme Being, build dynasty title to be summer, celebrate government office in order to promote to be national capital. When to Cheng Jisai sweat founds a state, the Western Xia regime already had history of 200 years. Of the Western Xia regime main and feudal the northwest ministry of the Ningxia today, Gansu Province and Shaanxi is taken, over there land is fecund, products is rich.
Golden face and the Western Xia regime are in together of Mongolia country south. Jin Chao at that time no matter wait for a respect from politics, economy, military affairs, should get formidably than the Western Xia regime much, and the Western Xia regime still is weighing me to Jinchaonagong. If first face of gold of attack and seize, the Western Xia regime is in probably of Jin Chao incite below, from side atttacks Mongolia army on the west, what create the situation of Ji horn to becoming Jisaihan is minatory. For Cong Mengjun oneself, they most the fight hard of mount of open country country that is good at be being widened at be in, if attack Jin Chao first, meng Jun is entered populous farming agrarian resident region, atttack the castle camp with strong set up defense, the assurance of get victory is not big. Accordingly, into Jisaihan the course considers repeatedly, decision or first easy hind difficult, head impose the Western Xia regime.
The Christian era Summer 1207, into Jisaihan excuse the Western Xia regime does not wish to weigh me to its accept tribute, rate arms takes the Western Xia regime continuously. Mongolia army is very fast occupational stand upright pricks sea wall, after be stationed in battalion, zong Bing 4, foray large quantities of population and camel, Yang Ma, next adherence camping ground, not easily to in advance. After 5 months, lead again into Jisaihan arms recall Mongolia is downy. So the end that become, it is to be attacked large-scaly summerly war gathers information, be familiar with geographical environment. Through two years plan, the Christian era December 1209, the Sai Hancai that become auspicious begins to launch large-scale attack to the Western Xia regime truly, head taking an aim still is wall of sea of stand upright thorn. After occupational stand upright pricks sea wall, mongolia army drives straight in again river on the west area, disturb seat of government of Xia Dou resurgence continuously. Busy life loftying name makes Li Anquan of emperor of the Western Xia regime common lead arms 50 thousand meet head-on. Loftying name makes fair in He Lan hill defile overcomes exterminate door fortify, try to clutch the attack that makes Mongolia army. Into Jisaihan maneuver entices loftying name to make fair attack a group into beginning of the hottest part of the summer, capture him, defeat the door that overcome exterminate then, surround force resurgence government office.
Mongolia army arms faces capital, li Anquan of emperor of the Western Xia regime kisses city of defend to the last of oath of officers and soldiers of whole town of superintend and director. Before solid defence of a city, mongolia army is long attack and fail to succeed. But under, give orders to dig river embankment into Jisaihan, leave town of fill of Yellow River water, resurgence government office all around a boundless. And Li Anquan is sent make official break out of an encirclement gives a city, xiang Jinchao recourses, golden face emperor rejects to come to help unexpectedly. Arrive all the time December, dike is abrupt debacle, the flood wides Mongolia army big run, the Western Xia regime just take a turn to be out of danger.
At this moment, see into Jisaihan oneself are used up too big, adopt stalling tactics then. He sends the Western Xia regime to fall will go into town induce to capitulate. Li Anquan promises the condition of Mongolia, marry the princess Jisaihan, weigh me to unconscious Gunagong, into Jisaihan this ability leads troops return Mongolia prairie. Although this war does not have the Western Xia regime of attack and seize, but the power that weakened the Western Xia regime greatly, deepened the contradiction between the Western Xia regime and Jin Chaozhi especially, broke up Jin Xia is allied, make he can let go attack Jin Chao.
Jin Chao is chieftain of Nuuzhen a group of things with common features is over colour A bone is hit in the Christian era to was built 1115, capital will be peaceful government office. Golden government power expands gradually later, the Christian era destroyed 1125 distant, destroy again after two years dynasty of Northen Song Dynasty, song Hui an administrative unit in Xizang the 9th child Zhao compose escapes toward Hangzhou, build dynasty of the Southern Song Dynasty. Jin Chaosui establishs a country in Central Plains. Of Jin Chao powerful, becoming Jisaihan is early know. In those days, when helping Jin Chaogong make department of tower tower Er into Jisaihan, ceng Yijin is flourish toward the official position that awards his. But now, jin Chao already spent period of his at the height of power and splendour, country situation with each passing day be on the wane, disorder of affairs of state, each suspect Lv between Jun Chen, courtier intrigue against each other, army does not plough for a long time not battle, morale is low and common people of ride roughshod over, all sorts of domestic contradiction are unusually acerb. It is into Jisaihan after conquer the Western Xia regime, began the attack and seize to Jin Chao.
Since Jinchao is long-term to prevent upper Mongolia departmental and powerful and prosperous rise, ceng Shi goes " decrease man " policy, namely every other sends mouth of homicide of the put down on arms north 3 years, provocative Mongolia is departmental the relation between, made mutual carnage. So, assault into Jisaihan Jin Chao, contain the just sex with mutinous oppressive nation. The Christian era December 1211, he attacks Jin Chaoshi in relative ratio main forces, start numerous a rally to pledge resolution before going to war, pray to the day: "Immortal blue sky, disgrace of golden face emperor killed our ancestor and people. We should be avenged now, ask you to aid my a helping hand, let already gone Xian Zulai help me! " avenge for the ancestor, aroused Mongolia to cavalry officers and soldiers assaults greatly Jin Chao's fight. In Feburary, mongolia army crosses big desert. In March, reach district of Wang Gu ministry, of short duration recuperates first military forces, detective military situation. In July, mongolia army breaks through Jin Chao to use defence prairie with blitz art the wall side nomad civilian attacks, arms of gold of defeat utterly of mountain of fox of be out of office, golden arms casualty countless. Into Jisaihan rate army exploit a victory is pursued and attack, kill greatly;burst;ulcerate;fester arms, elite troops of Jin Chao, about the half dies to fight at this. Into Jisaihan rate army is chased after again to Jin Chaozhong (today Beijing) , jin Bing uses defence of a city to stand fast, mongolia army is long attack no less than.
The Christian era 1212, move into Jisaihan army aggression gold Chao Xijing (today Shanxi Great Harmony) . Become Jisaihan to be hit unfortunately when direct attacks a town by Liushi, be forced rate arms is retreated take rest and reorganization to the Yinshan Mountains.
The Christian era 1213, build up again into Jisaihan legionary, enter the Great Wall by wild Hu Ling again, come in the bosom with golden arms decisive battle, defeat utterly of result gold arms. This battles, army of Jin Chaojing acute is eliminated by Meng Jun completely almost. Immediately, meng Jun forces continuously Juyongguan Pass of martial communications center.
Juyongguan Pass element is the ground that military strategist in ancient China contends for surely, jin Bing is outside the Juyongguan Pass cloth caltrop more than 100 lis, irrigate with molten iron caky live Juyongguan Pass gate, buy is heavily guarded, true it may be said " impregnable " . And into Ji Saihan avoid the enemy's main forces and strike the weak point, keep ministry general and golden arms stand facing each other, take oneself ride gently, chinese redbud of sneak attack of nocturnal abide canal closes, with one action is successful. Next divide forces 3, shanxi of face of gold of attack and seize, Shandong, Heibei and distant a lot of city counties east. The Christian era 1214 spring, 3 main forces of Meng Jun build up at in around. Wall of the capital in knowing very well into Jisaihan is solid, not easy attack and seize, make deterrence with Jiang Bing of purpose, force golden sue for peace. At this moment Jin Chao, the palace coup that just has produced regicide of sanded tiger of authority official moustache to stand additionally, face powerful Mongolia cavalry to be frightened so that be at a loss, jin Xuanzong is forced to give a princess, add the thing such as large quantities of Tong Nv of Jin Bo, Tong Nan, courser, to sue for peace of unconscious Gu Jun, by prime minister respectful send into Jisaihan to go out close.
The Christian era in May 1214, jin Xuanzong disregards numerous courtier object, nanjing of move the capital to another place (today Henan unseals) . The Christian era in May 1215, cheng Jisai falls south sweat rate arms, in surrounding, pass hassle one time, rescuing Jin Jun by smash, jin Jun advocate handsome abandon a town and escape, the army and the people in the city surrenders, mongolia army eventually occupational the famous city on this North China Plain.
The Christian era 1217, the quantity drafts concentrated force of preparation of Cheng Jisai sweat on the west, continue to enlarge territory, give Zun Jun the full-fledged member of director advantageous position that contends for to Jin Chaozhan 10 thousand Muhuali, seal him to be too division is kingly, it is OK to tell him clearly military affairs, administration processing of him take into consideration the circumstances. Subsequently, he rectifies army, preparation is asked for on the west with all one's strength.
In the west of of Mongolia country, still existing an old people -- , Wei I, still have on the west of its on the west distant dynasty. Distant dynasty is dominating on the west the one belt in the river, the capital is a tiger the Er that think of Wo is much, it ever was medium for a time inferior the nation with the most powerful area. Wei I also be in its control. Value Wei into Jisaihan I culture, adopt the measure of hook in, bribe, occupational Wei I area, opened the traffic thoroughfare that leads to the Western Regions. Pass Wei into Ji Saihan I person, understood western situation further. Subsequently, in the Christian era 1218, into Jisaihan relative ratio counts picked cavalry, with one action is attacked destroyed on the west distant dynasty. From now on Mongolia domain begins to be the same as in inferior another more powerful nation -- , the flower perverses child modular border on.
The flower perverses child the model is to be located in A Mu river the ancient country of a civilization of south bank of downstream, power sea, be in period of at the height of power and splendour at that time. The Sai Hanzheng that become auspicious takes Jin Guoshi, the Christian era by 1215, the flower perverses child end of modular king Ma He for corkscrew Mongolia country false or true, send the diplomatic corps that with Bahading thorn heads only to bringing brocade, piece goods, will see Jisaihan. Recieved diplomatic corps enthusiasticly into Jisaihan, to show oneself good faith, buy the gift that next diplomatic corps bring with high price into Jisaihan, expedite covey Mongolia diplomatic corps again at the same time, flower of pay a return visit perverses child model, took a lot of precious gift. Unexpectedly Mongolia diplomatic corps answers to bluff all right thorn city, be perversed by the flower child the model defends general disaster to obtain, classics king agrees, confiscate all gift, divide outside leaving a person to run back to Mongolia to send a letter, member of other diplomatic corps is killed entirely. Hear the news into Jisaihan bate, water of drop of 3 days of 3 night was not entered, crying to vow to the day, sign up for this enemy surely. The Christian era 1219, built up into Ji Saihan ten picked army, begin to perverse to the flower child the model is attacked in force.
The flower perverses child although modular national power is powerful, but the heads into Jisaihan and him unit that encounters battle of brave be apt to is at a loss. To explore enemy, become Jisaihan or send You Qi 4, or uprise 瞭 looks, or raid dweller understands a situation. After the circumstance that mastered relief, road, army provisions, meng Jun is stationed in battalion to plunge into base again. When be at war, he sends cavalry to pound first enemy blast, hostile after becoming loose, drive straight in; Impact of the team before be like is adverse, criterion squadron, hind the team is following one by one, take turns is pounded continuously, until shatter enemy till. Direct Meng Jun to be surrounded from far and near again into Jisaihan next, annihilation enemy. Agitate of oxen and hores-beeasts of burden is used when Meng Jun is attacked sometimes enemy, bow hand open a way, scatter with earth when retreat, pull wood, make dust towering, prevent the enemy to pursue and attack. When attacking a town, commonly used artillery blasts off, mining tunnel, or wait for tactics with city of fill of pilot a ship into a harbour. In powerful and clinking Mongolia army before, the flower perverses child martial town of military importance of the model scatters the city such as not Ma Er doing, beautiful thorn, Yu Longjie bare to be lost one after another, king is forced to escape to an isle of the Black Sea finally, before long die in one's bed. The flower perverses child the son of modular king letters Lan Ding continues to organize leftover force to resist, station troops Yu Balu bay. Send arms encircle and suppress into Ji Saihan, finally, meng Jun is in in Lan Ding of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China of river side defeat utterly, letter Lan Ding escapes into Indian churchyard. Arrived 1219 from the Christian era the Christian era 1222, lead Mongolia to cavalry into Jisaihan, in in inferior, the vast area of Persia gallops everywhere, perverse to the flower child the model is kingly with annihilative blow. The Christian era 1222, meng Jun is occupational and whole the flower perverses child model and in inferior. In aggression the flower perverses child model while, send sagacious to fasten again into Jisaihan, fast not the north such as the stage is more too much with mountain (Caucasian mountain) , enter hamster writing Luo Sai (Russia churchyard) , the Christian era Yu Jia of 80 thousand person strapped allied forces of the Russia austral annihilation 1223 Jia river (river of division of Er of noise made in coughing or vomiting) bank (Wu Kelan churchyard) . Before long, return after victory into Jisaihan east return.
Into Jisaihan ask for on the west, also opened the way of thing honest liaison man at the same time. From rise at that time, people of Chinese every nationality is entered ceaselessly in inferior, Persia and other places, in inferior, the people of Europe of down to of examine of Persia, admire, Arabia, also come to China ceaselessly, such, oriental and Hesperian are communicated each other at the back of what Meng Jun cavalries, each other strengthened connection.
Dominate to consolidate, serve as occupational area into Jisaihan " stand upright Ruth " (sweat country is feudal and feudal) , cent seals 3 his sons.
Perverse admire examine, flower into Jisaihan child old haunt seals model and Kang Li country cornstalk art bare, today Xian Hai with on the west, Caspian the ground with north all belongs to. Art bare dies earlier than becoming Jisaihan, this one feudal be attributed to its child unplug.
Will distant reachs Wei on the west I old haunt is sealed second child examine closes a station, aertai rises east hill, A Mu river comes on the west, include and other places of road of north and south of Xinjiang day hill, call examine to join stage sweat state later.
Convention of according to Mongolia, after dying into Jisaihan, what the youngest son pulls Lei Huo to get its male relative of a senior generation is direct and feudal, namely Wo difficult river and catchment of guest Lu Lianhe take Mongolia cadre place.
Mongolia army and army of the Southern Song Dynasty besieged the Christian era 1234 gold, jin Mo's acting emperor is over Yan Shouxu commits suicide, golden country is ruined. Nest broad stage was in the Christian era 1235 and Lin Shao leaves ignore in force a station (big conference) , resolution expedition Europe. Become Jisaihan at that time besides in economically outside attempt to plunder, also hope to alleviate through be being asked for on the west the contend for contradiction of internal power. The command that asks for the 2nd times on the west is bare of the grandchildren that becomes Jisaihan, art child unplug.
Came 1236 in the Christian era the Christian era between 1241, unplug command Mongolia army overshoot black river of tooth of thin pieces of wood used for writing on in ancient China (Ural river) , be in also Le He (the Volga) middle reaches smash not in A Er ministry (Bulgaria) . Next Mongolia army continues enter on the west, occupational admire examine and the broad territory that think the sea, Azov to think of southeast till Wo collect from wide Tianji, divide forces enters Bei intense (polish) with campstool (Hungarian) and other places. In today one belt encounters Czech to resist tenaciously, unplug suffocate suffocate is entered on the west.
The Christian era in April 1242, sweat of nest broad stage dies, mongolia main forces seizes the opportunity to answer division. Unplug get cadre to stay in admire examine prairie, built nation of admire examine sweat. " Russia annals " country of sweat of examine weighing admire is country of golden account sweat, this name is in document all the time continue to use comes down.
The Christian era 1246 spring, of nest broad stage child expensive You Jihan. Unplug with expensive by disagreement, lift those who pull thunder additionally child unconscious elder brother is kubla khah. Expensive by unplug in expedition the die in one's bed in road, cheat elder brother accession. The decision that cheat elder brother is needed suddenly by 4 younger brother south intense manager desert, send its again additionally stand upright of 6 intense of younger brother brilliance of the rising sun march to the west. Came 1252 from the Christian era the Christian era is asked for the 3rd times between 1259 on the west, its purpose is conquer Persia (Iran) .
The Christian era 1256, stand upright of brilliance of the rising sun intense is ruined wood pricks exterminate country, then, capture again the newspaper that A unplugs Sihali is sent amounts to a country (Bagdad) . The Christian era 1259, stand upright of brilliance of the rising sun intense marchs country of cover with a straw mat (Syria) capital old horse manages (Damascus) , calculate end (modern translation Sudan, islam state is sovereign) offer former time abandon a city to run away. But in close former times (Egypt) of reinforcements capture instead, mongolia army exits territory of cover with a straw mat again. Stand upright of brilliance of the rising sun intense leaves Ju Tie to need force is thought of, built nation of Yi benefit sweat.
By Cheng Jisai sweat skill builds the Mongolia nation since, ask for 3 times when reach its later generations through becoming Jisaihan on the west, on the foundation of stand upright Ruth, formed country of admire examine sweat, examine to add up to broadness of stage sweat country, nest stage sweat country and country of Yi Li sweat. The sweat of country of 4 kubla khah is central cent seals chieftain of 4 when go out highest stratocracy, with in the center of protect hold vassal state to concern, be in charge of to kubla khah directly.
After dying into Jisaihan, mongolia dominates each the group counterpoises to contend for kubla khah, those contradicts here become acute, add the lack between each sweat country necessary contact with strong economy, make this complex politics mixes big Mongolia country consequently body with each passing day disintegrate. Among them, country of admire examine sweat and country of Yi benefit sweat are on the way that develops independently severally, and country of sweat of nest broad stage because nest broad stage (too ancestor) with his son expensive by (calm ancestor) be chosen to be kubla khah in succession, its are feudal return all the time in the center of administer, did not form independent sweat state actually.
The Christian era 1226, into Jisaihan excuse the Western Xia regime admits personal enemy to also prick Sang Kun adding up to · , don't bother to see me out proton and reject call up, xing Bing assaults the Western Xia regime.
However unfortunate is to become Jisaihan to fall again when bronco of hunting with bow and arrow or firearms the horse is wounded, mongolia army is forced to be stationed in battalion to rest. The Cheng Jisai sweat of old is bearing pain to did not adopt emperor child, chancellery people temporary hind the proposal that withdraw, the decision is sent first make I arrive the Western Xia regime is accusatorial its do not send weapons entourage ask for on the west and the blame of speak rudely. Then, mongolia army accuses Xi Liang seat of government, force of chief commander of the Western Xia regime is bent surrender, mongolia army is entered then to meander, take should in wait for a county. At this moment, xia Xianzong gets flourishing apprehension and die, xia Zhongchen establishs his smooth king is given priority to south brother's son. November, into Jisaihan rate Mongolia main forces attacks clever city, king of the Western Xia regime sends loftying name to make 100 thousand army comes to fair command aid. Mongolia army crosses river advance on, eliminate army of the Western Xia regime, kill countless, a field littered with corpses. Subsequently, into Jisaihan to salt city plain garrison.
Because brunt of army of the Western Xia regime is annihilated basically already, cannot organize effective resistance, leave one part army to attack dozen of resurgence only into Jisaihan, send examine rarely to enter city summon sb to surrender, he himself falls south rate army, enter golden area, capture Lintiao government office and Tao river, urge again and again, heart is arranged wait for a city, additional dispatch one army score peaceful condition loot. The Christian era in April 1227, think of sweat garrison into auspicious at 6 dishes of hill; In June, continue Xiang Na is entered arms, to county of clear water of city of the Qin Dynasty. Of the same age in June, beg to surrender of king of the Western Xia regime by Mongolia army put to death, the Western Xia regime is ruined.
Of the same age in July, become seriously ill into Jisaihan, bedfast. He knows life to will be used up oneself, enrol thirdly child nest broad stage, 4 child procrastinate before Lei Yu is close, exhort should get along intimately between brother, and the strategy that the face gives conquer gold state.
Plan army nation important matter, this " generation day arrogant " ended his brilliant lifetime, all the year round is 66 years old.
Comply with becomes Jisaihan's will, his body is remanded Mongolia native land, bury in Wo difficult river, guest rash ripples river, earth pulls a river the holy hill that 3 rivers originate not on rarely hill. Mausoleum is buried greatly north, with 10 thousand horses beaten.
After dying into Jisaihan, thirdly child nest broad stage accedes sweat. The Christian era 1266, yuan Shizu needs intense chases after Shi to be into Jisaihan suddenly " holy fierce emperor " ; The Christian era 1309, add Shi to be " emperor of fierce of emperor of law day start shipment " , temple date " too ancestor " .
Into Jisaihan from build Mongolia country to begin, acute meaning enterprising, implement the comprehensive reform of politics, economy, military affairs, consolidated greatly thereby the Mongolia political power that has built and departmental and unified situation, also promoted the development of Mongolia society greatly. In the meantime, he contrives character of the Monggol nationality, alter the backward aspect that the character does not have before establishing a country. A series of this reform measure, not only effectively strengthened those who become Jisaihan to dominate, and quickened the formation with Mongolia sweat feudal country, advanced the development of social productivity greatly, be yuan of face build laid solid foundation.
As " generation day arrogant " , outside dividing its political foresight judicious judgment into Jisaihan, still have extraordinary martial ability. Get on the prairie into Jisaihan the Mongolia tribe be in harmony of backward, dissension is an organic whole, built the ground successfully to cross Ou Ya the great empire of two continent, reopen " the Silk Road " , advanced east the economy between the west and Arabia each country, culture communication, his enormous contribution makes common people is fixed eyes upon.

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