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Came to was times of Victoria empress stamp 1902 1837. 18 years old of Victoria are British female king. Came 1837 1901 v/arc be on the throne, in the period of at the height of power and splendour of British empire, rely on dilate of overseas of force of maritime military affairs, loot colony. Her succession erupts the Opium War 1840 the 3rd year. One this year her fragrant look is in the world the first stamp " black penny " on appear. Experienced the longest regnant those who amount to 64 years is long. Rely on her nine children, 31 grandson generation and 30 great-grandson generation, almost what throw some European kingdom knots to be kindred. Senile Victoria empress of 82 years old was opposite in January 1901 of the ending of south Africa war keep thinking about
Die in. Hong Kong issued first common stamp December 8, 1862, casing is the stamp last week English Hong Kong, next week casing is par value of English the sum stated on a cheque or bill, wrong week draw a frame round is Chinese character par value, right week draw a frame round is a Chinese character " Hong Kong " the effigies that intermediate that vertical stroke grows Victoria of behavior flower empress. Should cover a ticket to presswork in order to do not have watermark paper, share 7 kinds of denomination to be horn of 2 portion, 8 cent, 1 respectively horn of 2 cent, 1 4 cent, 4 horn reachs 8 cent, 2 part 8 minutes 9 horn 6 minutes. This stamp is used for two years surely formerly, but began 4 to issue stamp of empress of the 2nd Victoria again 1863 have the stamp of new par value that prevents simulated watermark in order to imprint. This is explicit a paragraph of period before 1871, ever also added other denomination stamp by fits, among them par value 9 horn stamp of Chinese olive green is to added print and distribute to go 1965, already made international name bank note now, its all directions is international Gu is tasted repeatedly, old Zhuo Jian was in Hong Kong patriotic philatelist early to was bought from foreign philatelist place with 1.3 million Hongkong dollar 1981 this all directions is connected, in making precious mail returned Hong Kong philatelist hand. Above two stamps are Hong Kong's relatively precious stamp, collect the difficulty with have certain however. In June 1876, via Bulindixi by Hong Kong the postage of the course is decreased by 30 minutes to 28 minutes, hong Kong is post-office 30 minutes of stamps with inventory, company of father and son of the Nuo that hand in the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is built " 28 minutes " hair of model of written characters is used all right, this is Hong Kong builds stamp changing a value the first times, built 36 thousand only. The Hong Kong at the beginning of 1877 joins Universal Postal Union. Postage is decreased by 28 minutes again to 16 minutes, although already decided new denomination stamp, but arrive because of doing not have carry,
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