Set of ancient drawing of the Imperial Palace - [the river on Pure Brightness pu
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Artistic Taiwan stamp Photo Comprehend essay Recreational Culture Gu Hua of the Imperial Palace Stamp

    Taiwan " only 53, group of 1-2 of graph of the river on 58 Taiwan Pure Brightness "
Of civilization of all over the world " the river on Pure Brightness pursues " , museum of these Taipei the Imperial Palace collectGu Hua of the Imperial Palace, although reside boudoir personally, however from what begin to appear in Taiwan stamp 47 years ago par go up, borrowing heart scrip to transmit world each district. Reforming and opening of 80 time country, passed the mainland.
Taiwan issued stamp of ancient picture of the Imperial Palace first 1960, collect carefully of open the Imperial Palace is tasted issue stamp precedent, come 47 years " China is postal " issue the stamp that recommends ancient objects, Gu Hua to give priority to a problem with museum of Taipei the Imperial Palace, more than 120, nearly 500.
Xu Jiegui of the director before Taiwan general post office says, every issue a stamp, from selection of subject, plan, make, arrive to be issued formally, need time two years about. The help selection of subject as a result of Taipei the Imperial Palace and coordinate the work, "China is postal " taste smoothly to Tibet undertake filming, issue cycle to be able to shorten consequently. The stamp of Taiwan is in normally " in the center of print a factory " presswork. "The factory is printed in the center of " those who use is deep-etch plate pressworks technology, the picture is harsher. Behave the elegant unsurpassed of archaic painting and calligraphy and ancient implements for ground of more accurate, lifelike, the stamp of theme of the Imperial Palace, the manufacturer that is sent toward a few use shadows such as Japan, Switzerland, Holand to write edition skill pressworks.
The name of an article: " only 53, group of 1-2 of graph of the river on 58 Taiwan Pure Brightness " , design plot: Liu Baoqin
Issue date: On June 18, 1968, edition not: Chromatic film is written edition
Paper: The shadow writes edition stamp paper
Stamp norms: 36 millimeter of × of 33 53.6-7 64.5 of 53.1-5 51 × 58. 36 millimeter of 51 ×
Rectify Zhang Mei to count: 53.1-5 in all 5) of × of 50(5 × 10) 53.6-7 15(3 58.1-2 in all 10) of × of 30(6 × 5)58.3-5 50(5
Age Kong Du counts: Only 53 12.5 is spent only 58 13.5 is spent
Circulation: 450 thousand
Bear imprint factory: Japan hides a province to presswork greatly bureau
Add chooses Gu Hua of graph of the river on the Pure Brightness of collect carefully of museum of the Imperial Palace, print a stamp. This stamp shares 7 kinds of design, among them 5 kinds are 5 add up to the couplet of 1 to brush a graph, par value all is 1 yuan; Additional 2 kinds pick take original intent flower, make close-up introduction.
By the river on Pure Brightness the graph fastens Song Chao formerly scenery of spring outing of folk of season of Pure Brightness of Beijing of another name for Kaifeng of draw of Zhang Zeduan place, there is the young men and women of disparate industry and various clothes and hat in, have all sorts of shop, city wall, floodgate, street, alley, bridge, boat, reach flower, wood, bird, beasts to wait, all-embracing, solid for draw.

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