Mao Zedong arrives of account of the Imperial Palace have 3 times - Chinese stam
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Label: Beautiful graph is recreational stamp of Taiwan of ancient picture of the Imperial Palace of life culture stamp
When Mao Zedong inspected the Imperial Palace 1954, rest on the city wall
   The Imperial Palace weighs Forbidden City again, it is bright Qing Dynasty the palace of two generation, also be the biggest palace on the world. Mao Zedong Ceng San arrives the Imperial Palace, but he ascends a city wall only and do not enter inside. Published in October 2005 " museum of the Imperial Palace 80 years " one book ever spoke of this thing.
The Imperial Palace covers an area of 720 thousand square metre (960 meters long, 750 meters wide) , floor area 150 thousand square metre, only then build at the Christian era 1406, built 1420, it is Ming Dynasty emperor Zhu Di only then build, architect Kuai Xiang (1397, 1481, luck of word the court of a feudal ruler, suzhou person) , cover an area of a face to accumulate 780 thousand square metre, with 300 thousand laborers, built 14 years in all.

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