Financial crisis perplexes in the right way of rescue of commemorative stamp of
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It is financial crisis can find no way out in Gu Bai dawn when, controller of Greek and postal association Fusidi gave Sa carat suggest: Head a contemporary Olympic Games issue a commemorative stamp, solve the finance problem of the Olympic Games with this.

This stamp by Greek and famous artist auspicious grand professor is in charge of designing, e? Mu Xiong is in charge of carving plate making, french Paris country pressworks the factory pressworks. The name of the stamp is “ Olympic Games of the first contemporary international holds ” in Athens, sculpture edition, complete set 12, 8 design, 19.63 heart drag total par value Ke Ma. Par value two of 1 thunder pood and 2 thunder pood, advocate is the graph BC sculptor of 4 centuries Gu Xila Fuleilunxi? Guwufeiji's sculpture " wrestle person " ; Par value two of 5 thunder pood and 10 thunder pood, advocate the graph is BC the famous sculpture of Mi Long of sculptor of 5 centuries Gu Xila " discus throw person " ; Par value two of 20 thunder pood and 40 thunder pood, advocate the graph is goddess of “ Pallas ” ; Par value two of 25 thunder pood and 60 thunder pood, advocate the wagon that the graph is Gu Xila; 1 heart drags par value a of Ke Ma, advocate the graph is playground and Si Weicheng of benefit of A Keluo wave; 2 heart drag par value a of Ke Ma, advocate the graph is BC sculptor of 4 centuries Gu Xila sculpture work of Pulakexiteliesi " bosom young child Heermosi is magical " ; 5 heart drag par value a of Ke Ma, advocate the graph is BC 5 centuries sculptor Peiaonuyisi's work " Nike Nai this " ; Par value is highest two 10 stamps of Delakema, advocate the graph builds classic for Gu Xila Akeluobolisi and Athenian Pat farming fane.

The design of the stamp reflected the culture origin of Olympic adequately, undertake in order to be full of ancient Greek art and culture colorific frame got-up. Greek government chooses the issue date of this commemorative stamp in the Olympic Games to kick off that day, mail the price of denomination to sell with prep above, be grabbed by people and smooth. This stamp issued 52200 in all. 400 thousand heart helps the earnings after the stamp is issued Kema aided financially the first contemporary Olympic Games entirely. Make first Olympic Games is held as scheduled, left “ stamp to save a much-told story of Olympic Games ” consequently.

More than 100 years ago, greek and postal the original intention that issues stamp of this Olympic Games, just be Olympic Games raise the wind originally. But, this covers the emission of the stamp, going up objectively however deepened the connection between the Olympic Games and stamp. From now on, olympic this one theme, also was fastened to receive a stamp by lasting fasten domain of this one heart. Up to now till, 262 countries and area always are shared on the world (contain already nonexistent country and area) postal director branch, issued a variety of 13200 commemorative stamps for summertime Olympic Games.
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