Stamp of individuation of edition of torch of Olympic Games of saline city post
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On May 22, saline city post office held “ to greet individuation of edition of torch of Olympic Games of ” of dream of discipline of be handed down from ancient times of fire of Olympic Games emperor stamp head sends an activity. Xu Dingcai of director of saline city post office, Jiangsu saves Luan Guixin of vice-chairman of stamp collecting association, it is individuation of edition of Olympic Games torch jointly stamp head hair begins, tax of state of department of propaganda of National People's Congress of association of city stamp collecting, city, municipal Party committee, city, finance, industrial and commercial the leader that waits for relevant unit attended a hairdo.

Department of stamp of torch edition individuation delivers mobile elaborate design to make to commemorate Olympic Games torch, par design is vivid represented the form with torch exterior and lovely child of Olympic Games blessing, stress the trait that showed holy fire to deliver a city and view, have great commemoration day meaning and extremely tall collect value.

Mobile spot still is rolled out taste for mail especially in a limited time sell and activity of sales promotion of privilege of commodity of specific Olympic Games. Saline city is postal will extract sale of this second activity product 5% abandon past earthquake disaster area as money of be apt to.

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