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On May 12, 2008 afternoon 2:28, with short of Wenshui River of city of dam of Sichuan province A plain county produces violent temblor of 8 on the Richter scale for the center, cause disastrous personal casualty and belongings loss. Shake calamity ever was sufferred to make a surprise attack for many times on our country history, accordingly, early begins to undertake study to the earthquake, have long and rich earthquake data. Vivid report theres is no lack of on the stamp.

78—139 of the Christian era of acupuncture point of Zhang Heng of scientist of the Eastern Han Dynasty year snow pains research is old, the instrument —— that made the first quake that monitor 132 years in the Christian era eventually awaits wind quake appearance. 1031—1095 of the Christian era of acupuncture point of draw together of scholar of Northen Song Dynasty, scientist Shenyang year snow ever was in " dream brook conversation by writing " in recorded a lot of valuable to the geoscience opinion. 1587—1641 of the Christian era of acupuncture point of Xu Xia of bright end scientist's customer year snow uses vast region of itinerary our country of 30 old time, have geographical appearance make an on-the-spot investigation, later generations is arranged publish " travel notes of Xu Xia's guest " the famous book in already becoming the geoscience. The pioneer of seismology of these 3 worlds and their research achievement, ascend a stamp early or late.

Arrived contemporary, china ceaseless emerge in large numbers resembles rocksy Li Siguang such crackajack seismology talent. On October 1, 1964, former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is issued special 67 " oil industry " special type stamp 5, acupuncture point 5 - 1 snow is ” of “ earthquake exploration, design is car of an earthquake exploration, the importance of vivid specification seismology. On April 28, 1988, former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issues J149 " China is contemporary scientist acupuncture point the first group of snow " commemorative stamp 4, acupuncture point 4 - 1 snow is ” of “ rocksy Li Siguang, the Li Siguang that design is set off of sketch map of geological scientific research is half-length.

On July 28, 1976 before dawn 3 when 42 minutes of 53 seconds, region of country of province the Tang Dynasty of our country Heibei encountered the violent temblor that stuns the world. Of the situation of a disaster heavy, of the loss gigantic, all over the world is infrequent. A few personages of foreign bemoan, tang Shan go up from the earth by “ erasure ” . Staunch Tang Shan's people falls in the kind consideration of party and country, assist a help of the army and the people to fall energetically in the whole nation, spread out the magical make a stand against with the destiny, what compose gave full of power and grandeur is aseismatic provide disaster relief, rebuild the new page of home. To commemorate Tang Shan “7. 28” earth shake 20 years, former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications was issued on July 28, 1996 1996 - 17T " shake hind new Tang Shan " special type stamp 4. The human spirit that “ farmhouse ” , “ factory ” , “ vista ” , “ harbour ” showed seismic break not to break down.
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