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On May 12, 2008 afternoon 2:28, with short of Wenshui River of city of dam of Sichuan province A plain county is a center the violent temblor of a 8 on the Richter scale comes over suddenly, cause disastrous personal casualty and belongings loss. National post office reacts quickly unprecedentedly, start what build in recent years in time to break out ticket of subject matter postage to taste issue a mechanism, happen in the earthquake mere one week later added hair spy 7-2008 temporarily on May 20 " aseismatic unity is strength providing disaster relief " special add abandon a stamp 1, offerred the distinctive carrier of an expression love for broad and postal worker and stamp collecting lover.

The world is the earliest add abandon a stamp

Add abandoning a stamp is one kind divides postal professional work the postage evidence that receives some contribute money is added outside endowment cost. The world is the earliest add abandoning a stamp is before England is in Oceanian colony Xin Nawei Er person (belong to Australia today) issued in June 1897, par value is L penny, price is 1 shilling, exceed what contribute to add namely partly to use. After the the First World War, add contribute a stamp to issue a country to increase greatly, many for relieve refugee and wounded soldier collect each fund and issue, expand for the society public welfare work raises money after fund, call welfare stamp, beneficent stamp again so. Individual country thinks to add contribute stamp price to contain contribution amount, belong to be not postal element, reason with life of half postal stamp, accurate postal stamp. A certain number of countries are issued special add contribute a stamp to form series, be like the healthy stamp of New Zealand, red Cross stamp of France, the Finnish stamp that prevent consumptive disease, the children welfare stamp of Holand, Switzerland.

Add contribute a stamp to be in collect additional amount from time to tome a variety of expression methods: 1. Did not imprint on the stamp piece add contributed amount, when just selling, should add close add contribute, like Victoria of colony of the Oceania of the England before 1897 (belong to Australia today) issue add abandon a stamp. 2. Postage par value and additional amount imprint respectively at the same time piece, if the Cambria austral 1897 is added,abandon a stamp. 3. Add on the stamp imprint “ is added receive ××(amount) ” model of written characters, if caique built our country 1920,add receive aid to abandon a stamp. 4. Switzerland began to use addition symbol “ ” to handle 1937, be like 10 5, in front 10 for postal postage par value, it is 5 minutes from the back additional contribution amount. At present the formula of this be clear at a glance is place of world each country generally already to use. Add the numerical value of additional contribute money that taxes a stamp to go up, do not have specific provision at first, promising par value 10 come times, very consummate and thousandfold, provide par value of stamp of additional amount prep above now the abuse be regardinged as of 50% .
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