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On May 9, 1947, to commemorate the United States first stamp is born 100 years, monaco issues 1 to admire a stamp to give priority to the stamp of the graph with Luo Sifu's president. The Luo Sifu in the ticket sits before desk, the right hand holds magnifier, viewing and admire the stamp that left hand place takes carefully, the stamp collecting that there is one to break up originally before its book, left still is folded putting 5. This ticket is printed with carving edition monochromatic, right next horn imprint have “GANDON design, BARIANGUE carves ” model of written characters. Stamp face discovers with respect to somebody before long after the world, luo Sifu takes the left hand of the stamp to have 6 fingers unexpectedly! This ticket becomes the stamp that famous design makes mistake accordingly, often speak of story of Luo Sifu philatelic, total meeting mentions this bad bill. The person that it gives stamp collecting not only is brought talk interestingly endowment, also make because the its design, person that carve leaves behind a good reputation on the ticket and subsequently fame big a confusion of voices, alleged “ a loss may turn out to be a gain, yan knows to be not blessing ” .
This stamp arrives from design, sculpture in those days print, issue, through ” of multiple “ toll-gate, all fail to discover an error unexpectedly. Its cause of formation after all how, already went 60 years up to now, did not see all the time however have the introduction. For this, the author checks the original intent photograph that designs a basis to this ticket, try graph unlock this mystery. Classics and reflect contrast formerly, “ of left hand of the Luo Sifu in discovering a stamp the 6th cuff that showing ” is actual on the photograph is its shirt. The photograph still shows, luo Sifu is wearing a ring on left hand little finger, the author thinks this brings about “ extremely possibly namely the 6 crucial factors that point to ” mistake. Because press constant manage, the ring of married personage wears leftward ring finger to go up, so average person thinks very naturally to be returned below its due a little finger. A lot of mistakes often happen on the thing that people feels to had not been familiar with most so. The United States issued on January 30, 1982 " Luo Sifu is born 100 years " commemorative stamp (see a picture) , also can wear ring to provide evidence for little finger of Luo Sifu left hand, its pattern also is designed by picture of one frame history.

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