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The Spring Festival, it is the beginning of the year of a way of counting the years of Chinese traditional the traditional Chinese calendar, also be global Chinese is mixed grandly most grand festival. Nowadays, whenever Chinese New Year, world each country and area should issue an any of the twelve animals stamp as a way of congratulates. Nevertheless, any of the twelve animals the one part that alternate is culture of Chinese New Year only, in the stamp we still can see the custom of pay a New Year call during a lot of China Spring Festivals.

   Stamp of the earliest money given to children as a lunar New Year gift Money given to children as a lunar New Year gift, also making profit is, it is the money of ceremony of pay a New Year call that child or junior give when Chinese Spring Festival, much bag is in red envelope. Singapore issued 1971 " each country festival " stamp, among them Chinese of a “ crosses the stamp of New Year ” , stamp picture is two wear the child with full-dress festival, elated ground puts money given to children as a lunar New Year gift into indicative and lucky earthenware money box.

   The earliest Spring Festival spends city stamp Ramble beautiful city is south of our country of Spring Festival around the commerce of a few cities and pleasance activity, macao issued 1994 " the Spring Festival " stamp, with Chinese tradition paper-cut gimmick is designed, among them a “ swims beautiful city ” behaved father daughter two people buy a scene that cultivates for the peach blossom that view and admire and cumquat from beautiful city.

   Stamp of the earliest Spring Festival cate 1994 Macao " the Spring Festival " there is a “ to make oily horn ” in the stamp, a pair of husband and wife in the graph are making part of oil of —— of food of Macao place traditional Spring Festival. The dumpling of practice seem blast of oily horn, but the stuffing of oily horn is sweet, still mix with coconut silk, fry earthnut, sesame seed to wait to sweet solid fruit mashs and be become, the bag is in dumpling skin. What with the bag dumpling differs is, oily horn need not plait edge however lock hemming.

   Stamp of the earliest word of blessing of spring festival scrolls 1994 Macao " the Spring Festival " in the stamp write brandish spring ” the 4th times for “ , behaved a long beard old man to wielding his writing brush the blessing word that writes Spring Festival paste and spring festival scrolls (see a picture) .

   Stamp of the earliest lion of Spring Festival dance Hong Kong was issued 1994 " traditional festival of China " stamp 4, with Chinese tradition the gimmick of wood-block New Year picture is designed, among them the 2nd is ” of New Year of “ the traditional Chinese calendar, also namely the Spring Festival, design is dance lion, put firecracker, upper part still has “ flexibly the auspicious language of lucky ” .
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