Issued on September 23 " the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region holds water 50 years
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Issued on September 23, 2008 " the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region holds water 50 years " commemorative stamp 1 3. The detail is as follows:

Annals date: 2008-24

Graph Foreword Graph Renown Face Value
(3-1) J Wind-force generates electricity 0.8 yuan
(3-2) J Desert oasis 1.2 yuan
(3-3) J Harmonious home 1.2 yuan

Stamp norms: 44×33 millimeter
Age Kong Du counts: 13×12.5 is spent
Rectify Zhang Mei to count: 12 (quadruplet stamp)
Rectify piece of norms: 160×200 millimeter
Edition not: The shadow is written
Prevent bogus kind: Prevent bogus paper
Prevent bogus printing ink
Abnormity tine aperture
Fluorescent gush is piled up
Architect: Hou De
Responsibility edits: Chen Jingzhi
Print a factory: Beijing stamp factory

Offer way: Since the day that issue, sell in post office of countrywide each district, offer term 6 months.

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