Xi 22 issue of commemorative stamps
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This year is the birth of eight hundred and eighty years of Zhu Xi. Learned from the Hunan Post reporter yesterday: to commemorate the great thinker, educator, China Post will be held Oct. 22 issue of "the birth of eight hundred and eighty years of Zhu Xi," a set of two commemorative stamps. Zhu Xi has twice lectured at the Yuelu Academy, after the official in Changsha, and re-engineering Yuelu Academy, Hunan Science stimulated the rapid spread. Therefore, Zhu Xi stamps to be released, causing great concern in Hunan in the stamp world.

"The history of 'Zhu Zhang can speak' the most far-reaching impact." Relevant persons Yuelu Academy of Hunan University, said: "At the time the exchange of different schools, making college and academic integration of the effect produced, different schools of academic exchanges as a normal, and promote the development of Chinese academic. And now the new China Post issued commemorative stamps of Zhu Xi, then allow more people are concerned about the traditional culture. "

In Zhu Xi life, preaching Tuition went, to cope with their numbers. According to historical records, Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi meeting academic research in Changsha, Changsha, Yuelushan was starting from the same tour Nanyue. Or horseback or by car on the way, braving the rain and snow from hundreds of years, each pay one hundred forty-seven singing.

Philatelic Association, introduced the Secretary-General Huang Jian, Changsha, October 22, "Zhu was born eight hundred and eighty Anniversary" commemorative stamp will also be released simultaneously in Changsha.