The capital mails city hot expert: Olympic Games stamp is collected should keep
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Leg of Beijing Olympic Games passes half, the reporter visits discovery in the capital, many bazaar, restaurant in succession " lend strength " the Olympic Games has sales promotion, among them the sale of the commemorative stamp most fire, "Olympic Games economy " added a fire to market of market of summertime stamp collecting.

The spot: Olympic Games stamp is sold most fire

"On August 8, stamp collecting salesroom hundreds of " opening commemorative stamp of the 29th Olympic Games " , one sky is sold inside two hours. " yesterday, company of Beijing stamp collecting deals the other and phyletic stamp that market chief is pointing to goods shelves to go up says, "At present commemorative mail tastes the Olympic Games to only gold · makes the minority such as the dream sort still has a few. "At present commemorative mail tastes the Olympic Games to only gold · makes the minority such as the dream sort still has a few..

That day, the reporter seeks advice before be encountered inside this market order " the Olympic Games goes to London from Beijing " Mr Huang that commemorates mail book. He says, oneself come to Beijing watch an Olympic Games from Fujian, regard stamp collecting as lover, the hope can collect a few precious stamps of Beijing Olympic Games.

Although this Mr Huang had bought " opening commemorative stamp of the 29th Olympic Games " reach the stamp related to Beijing Olympic Games, but still hope can all sorts of stamp market related to Beijing Olympic Games neat. As we have learned, although opening ceremony commemorative stamp is mixed postcard, first days are sealed wait for mail of opening souvenir of Olympic Games of 6 kinds of nearly 100 Beijing to taste be in already a hair that day by scare buying one sky, but arrived these days, still ceaselessly purchaser comes round to seek advice.

According to introducing, a month comes recently, the sale status of all sorts of Olympic Games souvenirs is unusually hot, the reporter sees in the spot, badge of the commemorative money that goes to hundreds of yuan from blessing child toy, souvenir, the commodity of a few kinds of Olympic Gameses of the be commissioned to sell sth in salesroom now already place remnant very few. "These days we are the commemorative mail related hold and Beijing Olympic Games freely to seal, the stamp collecting lover that wait builds postcard commemorative indicia, learn information to come round in succession the person is very much. " spot salesperson says.

The reporter understands from Beijing post office, " delegacy of sports of China of the 29th Olympic Games seizes gold to commemorate " instant individuation stamp, small edition mail is folded and solid send sealed sale status very hot also, because this stamp is Chinese Olympic,the first time on athletic history is issued " Olympic Games gold " special stamp, its stamp advocate the graph is design of the reverse side of gold of current Olympic Games, par value 1.2 yuan, "Olympic Games gold " the stamp receives award for gold winner instant photograph, according to group project and individual and two-men project cent is 5 edition and 9 edition, divide design of 5 kinds of mass-tone by color patch of Olympic Games project, it is the last major project that mail of series of Olympic Games of head office of Chinese stamp collecting tastes. Arouse the high interest of stamp collecting lover so.
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