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As Beijing Olympic Games conclude, the person that collect also entered phase controlling a network. According to the Olympic Games the agreement of concessionary production business and BOCOG, in Beijing incomplete the " that there will be half an year after abstruse meeting checks inventory period " , can sell goods of the rest Olympic Games to the end of March 2009 all the time, nevertheless, want to go " sweeps goods " or cannot blind. And collecting the market to go up, entrance ticket of Olympic Games stamp, coin, badge, match already showed a body in succession, the person that with respect to the opening ceremony that connects mystery great gift bag also is collected is done, all things all has, saw the person that collect how should choose.
The Olympic Games is concessionary commodity circulation is crucial
Dress of goods of precious metal of badge, blame, precious metal goods, dress, cap is tasted, box bag, cravat, home is spun, goods of cloth with soft nap of handicraft, wool and toy, the Beijing Olympic Games with numerous breed is concessionary commodity, right the eye of the person that collect and capital are a test really, those not set limit to or tens of thousands of, the Olympic Games of hundred thousands of circulation is concessionary commodity, should be a kind of adornment, consumable, and do not suit to collect investment.
The badge is one of the Olympic Games is the most welcome breed in concessionary commodity, but like fan of Beijing amorous feelings, China, China reel draws souvenir badge such not set limit to issues, make inquires of little all the time person. The axes in Summer Palace scene, Beijing, the Temple of Heaven spells a graph to commemorate a badge, although set limit to, but basically be tens of thousands of big circulation, and theme is common, the Olympic Games concludes, badge of this kind of souvenir should depreciate for certain, so that hand middling pressure has the collect person of many badge, want to move during the Olympic Games, worry about a long delay may cause trouble.
What also have exception is, motion is not valued before project badge, but Beijing Olympic Games is softball last time appears as project of Olympic Games match, badges of 4 128 yuan softball motion project are worth to pay close attention to, regrettablly circulation is bigger be in 15000, also can serve as only collect run-of-milly.
On August 9, beijing Olympic Games kicks off the following day, BOCOG to social put on sale two Olympic Games commemorate a badge, set limit to issues each 20000, every price 50 yuan. City of one side of these two badges by scare buying, had done not have goods in concessionary souvenir shop, but there still is certain goods in stock in hand of the person that collect, at present the commutative value of badge of these two opening ceremonies is controlled in 150 yuan. Nevertheless, the person that collect is forecasted, when when closure badge is issued, the price of badge of these two opening ceremonies still is met by height.
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