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WaterThe stamp collecting history of Yantai is of long standing and well established
As we have learned, the stamp collecting history of Yantai is of long standing and well established, the person that there is some of stamp collecting before founding a state, arrived last centuries 60 time, stamp collecting person begin increase, wang Xinhua of academician of Yantai city stamp collecting is among them. Wang Xinhua this year 56 years old, it is a senior engineer, more " senior " stamp collecting lover. In one's childhood, he lives with be accompanying the uncle of two hobbies philatelic of a courtyard learns stamp collecting knowledge, mention the very familiar with sth of stamp collecting market of the our city so: Go up of the century seventies, the stamp collecting of Yantai person begin vivid capriole to come, enter especially on century at the beginning of 80 time, a lot of " mail is friendly " (stamp collecting person the appellation between) like the bamboo shoots in spring after be just as rain much rise, encircle the fixed activity in at that time, the weekday that is every week in the morning, change Gong Qian to present worker article together, stamp of mutual trade, compare notes, and philatelic fun and result. In exchanging an activity relative to frequent stamp, everybody had distinction and acknowledge gradually to the grade of the stamp, appeared gradually to look for price difference, namely today's " fry mail " .

To 1984, the stamp collecting of Yantai person reached hundreds of people, yantai established stamp collecting association.

Came 21 days on July 19 this year, yantai city post office holds Qi Jiguang mail to exhibit in a fabled abode of immortals, patronage comes before attracting lover of countrywide numerous stamp collecting.

Expect " rainstorm "

Reporter in Zhi Fu area company of a few stamp collecting understood a few days ago, city of nearly two years of mail is stagnant, especially this year, it is to glide point-blank more.

Be in company of a stamp collecting, the boss tells a reporter, after the Spring Festival passes this year, only stamp collecting lover comes to major of a few blame the stamp chooses here, and " the person in the circle " the activity appears compare cold and cheerless: "Those are dinkum ' stamp collecting person ' , it is commonly will buy on one in the beginning of the year in those days anthology, finished ' collect ' the task, they basically do not care the circumstance that mail city at ordinary times. " tall gentleman says, the person that be not professional stamp collecting does not tell mail city to whether rise and fall, dinkum to collect stamp collecting.

Investigate the matter with the stamp collecting calm all the time market that has an our city, the personage inside one course of study spoke among them " way to do sth " : A lot of stamp collecting lover are afraid of appear the circumstance 1997 -- the stamp amount that that year the whole nation issues is larger, mail city was experienced big cases fall greatly, just pick up in succession till 2003, 89 month just achieved in a period of great prosperity again last year. He says self-confidently, although at present market of our city stamp collecting likes quiet lake area, look be like billows not Jing, but hiding however below surface billowy great waves, believe " rainstorm " can come before long.
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