28 thousand yuan of Olympic Gameses mark money why from express company by perso
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Bark gentleman is engaged in collecting article already 10 years many, be in all the time and arrange abundant express collaboration, had never given what issue. He purchased a batch of value from Hong Kong through the friend recently more than yuan 28 thousand Olympic Games souvenir is soft, the friend is divided second will commemorate money express come over.

Controlled partly at 8 o'clock on July 25 morning, the member that express company is distributed is collected as usual taste the market. Everybody took away his goods in succession, bark the gentleman is done not have tardy alone only when commemorative money.

The distribute member that follows acquaintanceship asks, the member that distribute is strange also: "Are you to let a person had been gotten in the morning? "Are you to let a person had been gotten in the morning??

Bark gentleman on the spot muddled. Manage by as usual, the express that get, must want to have this person id card, and Id still is in him pocket, can you be who got express delivery?

The feeling drives company of suitable abundant express to Hangzhou on bad bark gentleman horse business place. The clerk tells him, controlled 7:40 in the morning that day, have a man that is called Wang Jian, claiming is the friend of bark gentleman, with his own Id, took away triplet express.

Subsequently, v of company security personnel monitoring kinescope. Result everybody look at each other in speechless despair: "This Wang Jian, I am known far from. " bark gentleman says, the police drives the discovery when coming over to be checked again, wang Jian's Id also is false.

Current, police is investigating true identity of Wang Jian, but bark gentleman and express company made difference because of compensatory problem however.

"Say normally, when taking express delivery, want to show indenture sign at least, but that Wang Jian used forged id card merely, still the addressee, address that sends a person took away express easily, this responsibility, must be in charge of by express company of course. Accordingly, express company should sum recoups a loss. " this, bark gentleman from beginning to end be troubled Yu Huai.

"I did 67 years, the thing of this kind of falsely claim as one's own, still touch for the first time on. " to this, chief of department of administration of business department of Hangzhou of suitable abundant express Mr Zhou is very helpless also: "Id and goods odd numbers must be shown when taking express delivery, without indenture date, we are impossible express hand over casually those who go. " Mr Zhou says, through investigation, police had eliminated the possibility of the pilfer inside the company at present, accordingly their suspicion is sent square or one of debit, the likelihood is in divulged indenture name inadvertently, be learned by illegal element again later.
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