Stamp businessman Li Guosheng: Investment China witnesses monkey ticket myth 30
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Spend money unripe money, this is 30 years ago " rely on both hands to create wealth " the times is inconceivable. But nowadays, the belongings sex income that increases a dweller has become target of a strategy, investment conduct financial transactions can become future a kind of means that people lives. Come 30 years, as the addition of the fortune in people hand, investment market of China although free and easy rises and fall, but mature with each passing day.

Already knew the Li Guosheng of destiny age too, before looking energy to still be like 30 years euqally abundant, him after-thought is full of the investment career that legend colour, free and easy rises and fall, his laughingstock " earned a bit money, because,be completely lucky. " when 22 years old, he becomes the first batch of individual investor of Chinese -- undertake a stamp trade, earned the first pail of gold of life; When 37 years old, he is taking hundred thousands of yuan to enter the stock market, score huge success, the stock market prise that place of the individual when highest tide has achieves a few 100 million; When drawing near 50 years old, he turns and devote into contemporary artwork to invest a domain, he thinks: Break out of China's located nowadays fast bitter fleabane extends phase, in be full of blundering environment everywhere even, be be pregnant with the best opportunity that great artist is born.

   The stamp businessman that conforms the earliest with international

Li Guosheng is born in 1954, city of heart of ancestral home Shandong, be brought up in Beijing, teach in a middle school that Beijing is in after the university graduates. Begin from 1976, li Guosheng of 22 years old invests career with respect to what began his. It is at that time at the door company of stamp of Beijing Dong Hua door, everyday many people gather in this, holding respective stamp collecting in both hands book undertake exchange or buying and selling. Early begins philatelic Li Guosheng to feel to have bit of meaning, also joined slowly go in. Recumbent oneself comprehension, enthusiastic, sincerity and assiduous, li Guosheng felt the way to do sth inside this very quickly, the guidances that issue with stamp head office and Beijing branch director are mixed very soundly, OK even call each other brothers.

After a year, li Guosheng came up against the Yao aunt that a Hong Kong comes to accidentally, she likes Culture Revolution stamp very much, be willing to give high price to buy. Li Guosheng is preparing to marry in those days, reached to trade with Yao aunt: With stamp of a oneself half Culture Revolution, change a of Yao aunt 4 horns, twin-track recorder. Yao aunt to the stamp taste photograph requirement very strict, put forward to invite the 34 Zhangpin postures inside Li Guosheng exchange not the stamp of beautiful, do business again formally the following day. Li Guosheng agreed readily, and let Yao aunt his stamp collecting book also was taken away directly. Be in the following day of the agreement big China cinema doorway, li Guosheng full the figure that a many hour also does not see Yao aunt, although Yao aunt scarcely is judged to be able to deceive people on inner reason, but persistently feel uncertain still is in his heart, got sweat urgently to come down. Actually, that day just Yao aunt encountered bit of urgent matter suddenly to delay time, and there is not a mobile phone again at that time.
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