China Post special stamps Merlin bamboo and chrysanthemum starting in Chongqin
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Post reporter learned from Chongqing City, China Post special stamps, "Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum" 18 starting at Beibei, Chongqing. Plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, known as the "four gentlemen." Mei Gaojie haughty, elegant and ethereal blue, bamboo modest and restrained, clear ice-Ju Chen, common feature is self-improvement, Tsinghua aloof, Danbo which no pro World of the state. It is rooted in the aesthetic character of this fascinating realm to the spirit of profound cultural background, plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum became the symbol of people's sense of physical Yuzhi, chanting poems and paintings is the most common Subject matter. The special stamps issued by China Post, "Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum", the popular in ancient China, "Wan Shan" and "Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum" four gentlemen together. Wanshan meaning moon, in line with "Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum," the spatial order And the concept of the meaning of life. Merlin on the screen, bamboo and chrysanthemum four gentlemen, attitude thousands, have their own characteristics, band. This set of stamps with paintings, poetry, and deliberately used the rice paper shade, stamps showing a deep sense of antiquity Rhyme, Considerable cultural connotation. "Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum," a set of four special stamps, face value of 4.8 yuan. The date of issue stamps, stamp design experts also attended part of the public autograph site in Chongqing to offer a variety of stamp companies, bamboo and chrysanthemum as the Merlin Commemorative stamp capacity, "the fifth thematic philately exhibition in Chongqing City," also organized.