"Guan" stamps artwork design workshop held in Yuncheng City
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December 3, "Guan Gong" stamps artwork design workshop held in Yuncheng. China Post Group Yanbing Wu, director of editorial design, the provincial manager of the company He Chenghong stamp, Yuncheng Wang Lei, Minister of Municipal Party Committee Propaganda, Culture tubes solutions such as the state temple of Guan leadership and experienced professionals in the field of academic research, attended the meeting to discuss "off Public "stamp artwork. It is understood, "Guan" stamp sheetlet plus a tentative two stamps. The seminar, experts and scholars freely to the manifestation of Guan Gong stamps, Guan Gong and other contents of the expansion of culture a wide range of seminars, Wang Lei ministers at the meeting pointed out that in the information age, as the postage stamps have gradually weakened the function of signs , but the diffusion of culture, bearing the function of history, has been strengthened. "Guan" stamps issued over the years is a long-cherished wish of Yuncheng City, Guan Gong for promoting culture, propaganda charm Yuncheng, Yuncheng promote cultural tourism industry is of great significance. He Chenghong manager, said, "Guan" stamps included in the 2011 Stamp Issuing Programme, the provincial stamp company attaches great importance to several meetings of "Guan Gong" series of stamp development, the Guan Gong Culture Association and the community to seek views, field trips, organizational design staff development for stamp material, then, in Yuncheng in Shanxi Province Post stamps starting a grand event held in the provincial stamp company will launch a series of beautifully designed, colorful, "Guan" stamp to live up to the expectations of the majority of philatelists. The meeting focused on "Guan" stamp topics, stamps visual effects, design, meaning and historical background related to the content of in-depth discussion will focus on analyzing the stamp name (tentative name "Guan"), stamp images, specifications ( plus a tentative two stamps sheetlet), released time for a brainstorming discussion. At the meeting, some experts have proposed to expand the cultural connotation of Guan Gong, the proposed China Post will be two set of "Guan Gong" stamp set to four. The experts also believe that, "Guan Gong" stamp should reflect the hometown of Yuncheng Guan Gong as regional characteristics, taking into account all sectors of society Guan huge influence to fight for "Guan Gong," the design of stamps, issued for the benefit of accomplishing a the majority of believers, Guan Gong culture promote a very good thing, big practical. In recent years, Shanxi has repeatedly apply to the National Post issued a set of group Guan theme stamps. January 6 this year, in Shanxi Province, Shanxi Philatelic Society organized in 2011, 2012, commemorative forum on topics, experts, scholars and collectors who once again sent on behalf of the common aspirations. Proposing to issue a set of "Guan" stamp, the final proposal was adopted by China Post Group Corporation, officially included in the new stamp releases 2011 list. "Guan Gong" stamp is the second "The West Chamber", "Yongle Palace," "Sima Guang drop tank," "Little 鲤鱼跳龙门", "Guanquelou" after another set of major themes reflected in the stamp dong Culture previously, there have been of clearance issued by the public image of the stamps, but was integrated into the "Three Kingdoms" the entire subject matter, the issue of "Guan" is the theme of stamps is the first time. This set of stamps issued, and Confucius stamps issued this year to keep pace. Man of Confucius, Wu relevant public. A text of a force, of the Two Holy matched, displaying the history of Chinese traditional culture.