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Stamp of the first triangle, it is British good hope horn was issued on September 1, 1853. At that time flower colonial authorities is about to design a kind to differ with British stamp style, and the stamp of the correspondence of postal employee sorting with facilitating culture very low level, printed unprecedented triangular stamp in London then. Of the stamp advocate the graph is hope goddess sit picture, this stamp also is one of world-renowned precious mail.

Issue variety as each country stamp increasingly diversification, triangular stamp becomes a kind of common stamp to design a form already, and triangular stamp itself also has a variety of forms. Equilateral right-angled triangle is the most familiar design pattern, the great theater of a Pu Xijin that issues like Russia establishs 225 anniversary stamp, those who use is this kind of means. The stamp of signs of the zodiac that Sweden issues, those who adopt is equilateral triangular design, every horn of the triangle is 60 degrees. Still have the stamp of a kind of scalene triangle, the kite graph stamp that issues like a Canada, its two bottoms horn mixes 55 degrees for 40 degrees respectively, and vertex angle is 85 degrees.

Triangular stamp is being designed and presswork the meeting in the process forms different format, the person that give stamp collecting is mixed with boundless research subject matter fun.

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