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What the stamp designs is distinctive, and its major asks, decided stamp design to answer of course by the adult main even should assume design job by stamp design personnel, but those who make a person gratified is, new China stamp also left position for children painter. If teach the evaluation point of view that paints work to children to examine from children art, new China the T86 that 1983 the Children's Festival issues " children picture chooses " the choice that the stamp draws work to children has vision quite: “ of little clever boy catchs urticant ” and ” of “ kitten Mi to mom interesting, lifelike, ” of Great Wall of “ my love and “ sun, birdie, flower and my ” picture rich, imagination is peculiar, can calls the success of the ground that children draws an excellent work enters heart an excellent work. Do not know why, the stamp of paint of a few propositional children that issues again ever since is right the choice of work, meet unexpectedly apparent inferior one prepare: T117 " our festival " in the character modelling on ” picture breaks “ peace happiness to slow at inflexible, wood, according to say or drawing what choose in contribution from 1260 children that draft, such choice result, can let us feel the understanding that shares a chooser to draw work actor bad to children is not expert only; T137 " children lives " although have some of Tong Qu,all directions adds the model that contributes the figure on the stamp repeatedly, but the overall performance strength of the picture is insipid, drab; As to 1996 - 12 " children lives " stamp, although the picture is very rich,also be children place picture, but the place of clumsy of innocent, childish is peculiar glamour in already doing not have children to draw apparently.

Most let what author from the bottom of one's heart admires reflect new China children the stamp of painterly and peculiar glamour, should belong to 2000 - 11 " century alternant, chiliad more only then ——21 century is looked into " . When national post office was given out 1998 invite, arouse when countrywide teenager children plays “ to design ‘ to look into ” of activity of contest of draft of graph of stamp of new century ’ , facing an enormous difficult problem actually: The problem such as protection of the zoology environment that lets children be faced with with respect to fun of the creation of 21 centuries, basic necessities of life, life and mankind, rich develops an imagination adequately, be afraid is more difficult than the adult wants subjectively much; It is more difficult to let children change this kind of imagination change this kind of imagination the form that can behave with the picture to want. Commendable is, this kind says with its “ is given out to children inviting ” to still be inferior to regarding is “ to what have picture ability children preceptorial issue the stamp that invites ” activity of graph draft contest, obtained the positive result that your person fixes eyes upon unexpectedly, 8 selected finally pictures also let us experience children art pedagogue to choose to graph draft participate in, the “ in having the 200 children picture that enters a race then goes straight towards ” of Xiang Xinshi discipline, “ my building big bridge connects ” of the palace on tree of Taiwan ” , “ , “ to protect earthly ” , “ ” of outer space of travel of the traffic ” of new century, “ , , the picture that makes mail a person to the predestined relationship admires children to be full of childish clumsy, romantic, pure rich imagination, make new China stamp familial in left to be worth pride, reflect children to draw the children of peculiar glamour designs a stamp.
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