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World exposition is one reads extensively internationally by what sponsor what governmental organization runs the country to have bigger effect activity, get the attention of each country, it and Olympic Games together, be called the two big top class grand meeting of current world. When each country is holding world rich to meet, want to build mark sex structure commonly, among them some had become a city is a country even is indicative.

1851, exposition of the first world kicks off in British London, of exposition exhibit a house to be set inside sea heart park, build exhibit a house to harden steely component, glass and lamination first in adding up to the construction that is used at the building, make the van of high buildings and large mansions of contemporary glass heavy curtain. Whole structure is propped up by steel wearing, the other part such as housetop, metope all uses chunk glass to assemble, by figure ground praise for ” of “ the Crystal Palace. After exposition concludes, the Crystal Palace ever was used at art exhibition, hold a concert to wait, destroyed 1936 regrettablly at conflagration in.

French Paris is to hold the city with world can most rich, the classical structure that keep is most also. Courtyard of courtyard of square of happy palace of the most beautiful Alexander sansei bridge on river of accept of a place of strategic importance, summer, Parisian industry palace, countryman, Odyssey palace, disable soldier, mechanical palace, artificial artistic creation, it is the main legacy that rich of world of all previous Paris meets. Among them the famousest is iron tower of dust humble Er, this is the mark sex construction that held world rich to meet 1889, 320 meters tall, heavy 9000 tons, by component of 18000 many steeliness and millions rivet is assembled and become. Iron tower of dust humble Er is called the father of modern iron tower, what already became Paris and France now is indicative (graph 1) .

1893, american Chicago holds world rich to meet, the design of engineer Fei Ersi of Chicago made a tremendous runner that offers people play, the diameter has many meters 70, satisfied the desire that people turns to the sky, be called at that time ” of runner of “ Fei Ersi. This is planted nowadays skyscraping annulus has been very common You Le establishment, the park of alive bound each district and pleasure ground can see, and before more than 100 years, still be a rare thing however.

1933, chicago holds world rich to meet again, this the mark sex building of exposition is ” of “ Bai Cheng, the building is classic form, color with plaster of Paris entirely, white and grand, at nightfall falls in illume of 10 thousand lamplight, more lofty and grand, whiteness is like jade. This world rich will be medium, exhibit a house to be provisionality building more, shut a behind the curtain to pull down, developed a lot of new-style housing materials and building for this, wait like building of aerating light-duty building, plastic condole sail.
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