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With respect to philatelic angle character, in the feudal monarch of Chinese past dynasties, qianlong emperor is have good fortune most. Because his seal appears on stamp of —— of national calling card for many times,this is.

Newest appear, be " bloodstone imprints " ” of medium “ Qianlong Bao Xi. It revealed the integral modelling of seal and Yin Wendiao to engrave. The ” of graph of “ pond lotus that form shallow carve follows on its, although because of design complex with seal reveal flank to see its finite and hard all, like that above the lotus leaf that cauline handle turn lifts, with the wind the crab of face of blade of the white crane of long howl of neck of the lotus of in full bloom, music, infestation, lifelike however, body reveals lofty artistic level and be known as hand of “ gigantic ethereality, small painting ” . Engrave with seal character of characters cut in relief ” of writing of Chen of Qianlong of Yin Wen “ , the chapter of one party idle that shows it is painting and calligraphy of pen of drive of seal lid Qianlong.

” of writing of Chen of Qianlong of “ of respecting Yin Wen, people is like ever was acquainted was opposite, it ever appeared in another group of seal of Qianlong emperor, that is ” of chapter of “ Qianlong catenary.

1997, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications was issued " birthday hill stone carving " stamp. Among them ” of chapter of “ Qianlong catenary is special with the highest grade of ” of stone carving of “ birthday hill appear in small-sized Zhang Li. Chapter of this group of catenary, use a whole Tian Huangyu, sculpture becomes two quadrate seal and an elliptic stamp, be together repeatedly with mobile chain. In this small-sized Zhang Zhong, 3 seal platoon tastes ” word into “ , density is placed in order in picture midpoint. Below seal, it is corresponding Yin Wen. It is firstly with " bloodstone imprints " the Yin Wenxiang in the stamp is the same as and glyph a bit the “ Qianlong Chen of different writings brush ” . Although seal is two, but communicate those who go out is same leisurely and carefree mood however, the refined taste in behaving Qianlong to live daily. The Xiao Xing that is design of sculpture dragon form secondly imprints as carefree as “ of its Yin Wen ” ; It is thirdly with " bloodstone imprints " in “ of Yin Wen of ” of “ Jia Qingbao royal seal buts a few alone health ” style is similar, engrave for shade together and same out " a high official in ancient China " ” of only of essence of alone of Yin Wen “ . ” just is born with quiet place since the place that former article meaning is danger of “ consider carefully, and latter article meaning is “ elaborate one meaning ” stopped.
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