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Olympic Games stamp goes situation rise continuously - Chinese stamp net - Power
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Current, around Beijing 2008, china is postal issued stamp of 3 discipline spy in all. Since stamp of first Olympic Games was issued formally 2005, drew the great attention of broad stamp lover and investor, run the notional upsurge of affection as the advent of the Olympic Games and Benciao, the Olympic Games stamp that already issued in recent years also managed the situation that rises continuously.

For example China is postal issued on August 8 this year " project of motion of —— of the 29th Olympic Games (2) " commemorative stamp 1 6, reflect car of volleyball, fire, track and field, diving, truckle, weight lifting respectively 6 motion project, par value all is 1.2 yuan; The Olympic Games that issues at the same time does not do stamp of glue small edition, maintain at present go up in opposite perch: Par value 7.2 yuan " project (2) " value of the market that cover a bill goes steady to be controlled in 11 yuan, and this one price already lasted nearly two months; On the other hand, par value 14.4 yuan " project (2) " 48 yuan are when ticket of not dry hectograph is the most exalted, drop somewhat later, maintain at present control in 38 yuan. “ market hype is centered on edition ticket commonly. A professional and senior personage expresses ” .

Meanwhile, it is certain that mail of other Olympic Games tasted the near future to also be maintained litre of situation. Issued 2005 for instance, par value 9.6 yuan " Olympic Games emblem and mascot (not dry glue) " , at present the price returned 95 yuan level again; Par value is 8 yuan " Olympic Games emblem " also broke through 140 yuan afresh last week, the newspaper reachs 145 yuan 140 yuan between; Additional, par value is 8 yuan likewise " Olympic Games mascot " price criterion newspaper is controlled 105 yuan.
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