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Violent wind of international gold price rises, blowout of domestic stock market, chengdu house price goes tall …… successively since this year, all sorts of investment with people familiar place board piece appear unusually active, the stamp that invests one large category as the tradition is more such, par value 3 yuan " Mei Lanfang arena is artistic " small-sized piece in the auction the with 40 thousand yuan high price on the meeting clinchs a deal, the reality of more than 10000 times makes appreciation most invest breed too far behind to catch up with. Small-sized piece whether does the stamp have investment value, how should average citizen intervene? Reporter recently special interview secretary-general of association of Sichuan province collector Mr Wu Daoming.

   Investment is small-scale piece 3 big reason

"The arrogant in regarding a stamp as kingdom child, body of small-sized an anticipatory actin is the richest glamour and market appreciate the breed " of latent capacity, secretary-general of Sichuan collector association Mr Wu Daoming thinks, small-sized piece issue a number little, it is issue to mark major event; Next, they often are in first-rate selection of subject the sieve singles out the most wonderful picture, par big, the content that bear the weight of is more rich also, have extremely high aesthetic appreciate value; The 3rd, small-sized piece circulation wants than general ticket normally little, what early days issues is small-sized piece 0.1% what be common stamp circulation only, because this supply and demand is contradictory very outstanding, this was caused small-sized piece have potential market to collect value.

According to introducing, since new China holds water, our country releases more than 100 content only of each different small-sized piece, among them curiosa frequency goes out. Issue the " record with ages ago time especially word of " of " " spy is small-sized piece, and the "J" "T" word that releases later is small-sized of number of Zhang Ji year small-sized piece, because of its itself accumulate contained artistic value and the promising young person with the infinite latent capacity in commemorate a meaning and becoming mail city. "Content with rare for expensive " , the dominant position with small-sized small tensor is people place to know gradually, caused thereby small-sized piece of investment is hot. From long-term the value since increases by degrees also can see, on the market small-sized piece value rose in price than the emission at that time, inchoate small-sized piece of extent that rise not under hundredfold.

   Department of first small-sized magnify shows a body

How does average citizen invest small-sized piece? Piece of manager that sends the market that mail card greatly express when accepting a reporter to interview: "Small-sized piece as distinctive stamp, it is in the person that collecting and investor eye very valued object, but small-sized piece should first-hand buy the " that is difficulty. The reporter understands, the first with idea of core of small-sized Zhang Wei " Chinese small-sized magnify is " allusion hides had entered field of the Chengdu City this month, lover of convenient stamp collecting is collected. It is reported, this is the first when postal approval rolls out the country small-sized Zhang Dian Tibetan book, as a result of breed rare be short of, " Chinese small-sized magnify is " issue first it is 2000 only.
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