The exposition that mail money trades subject matter of not quite hot Olympic Ga
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The expert says the exposition that gives priority to with exhibiting, won't have too big effect to market level

Last a period of time 4 days 2006 exposition of coin of Beijing international stamp, in the country trade was begun on October 26, current exposition is our country stamp of held the 6th collect, coin is on sale for an organic whole of union large internationally stamp coin exposition.

This second exhibit on the meeting, come from domestic and international many 140 ginseng exhibits business to be in exhibit a stage severally to go up to display a respective high-quality goods window in succession: Mail of money of the bank note that join system, souvenir, precious and metal bar, silver bar, exhibit the Olympic Games subject matter on the stage to make the largest window individually among them.

Join mostly exhibit business to express, be on sale the ginseng of an organic whole exhibits mode to be in sale product while, with the main purpose that mutual communication also is exposition of coin of two years of Beijing stamps between the person of the same trade.

Chu Xia of secretary-general of committee of coin of Chinese collector association expresses, exposition of Beijing stamp coin, for collector people offerred a good communication opportunity. With respect to coin domain character, bencibo sees contemporary gold coin of China of can main attention and foreign coin, of many curiosa showpiece, stimulated especially collect a connoisseur to be willing to taste Tibet take undertake reveal and communicating, the precious metal that distributes before 90 time especially marks money, because there is not the market at that time, circulate not less abroad, and this many abroad exhibit business to hide to these article reveal somewhat, it is god-given communication.

In this second exhibit on the meeting, gift has made the main trend that be on sale, the personage inside course of study estimates, gift spending has occupied exposition to trade of the quantity 8 into. What “ collects the market is immature, stimulated the prosperity of commodity market. ”

Chu Xia thinks, resemble packing bullion money the form of gift, sell as commodity, be in abroad is very scarce, from the point of nearly a few exposition, with respect to coin domain character, gift makes business replace former currency trader to make a trend. With exhibiting the exposition that give priority to, won't have too big effect with market level to collecting, emphasize particularly on to communicate and be revealed at what taste newly however, and because can enter those who join the audience inside field,decrease, current exposition trades before the circumstance is compared, show slightly delicate.

In the meantime, the hype of exposition entrance ticket is apparent to mailing the influence of city. A personage inside stamp collecting bound discloses, because entrance ticket and stamp issue a butt joint, make the only way that wins a stamp, cause lover of a lot of stamp collecting to not hesitate heavy gold high price is purchased, and what entrance ticket price and actual mail taste the price is not quits, the energy that brings about stamp collecting lover is transferred, should regular investment mails the prison of capital bedding bag of city.
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