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It is reported, global set limit to only 300, primitive issue valence to be 39800 yuan / cover " China dragon is mailed " in countrywide emission the job already neared end. Wait to end the city that issue ahead of schedule in Xi'an, Tianjin, because miss,still have the person that collect with primitive the opportunity that issues valence to collect turns and beg to other high price buy, make " China dragon is mailed " appear often secondhand trade and appreciate quickly, be like Xi'an, Wuhan, go up differ to 5000 yuan from 3800 yuan. Issue have not end, secondhand trade to raise price, this is the rare appearance that will mail city for years. The personage inside course of study is analysed, " China dragon is mailed " collect stamp of complete set big dragon and other rare stamp is the main reason that appreciates quickly.

From this, the author still learns from Xi'an a true story ……

Appreciated nearly 5000 yuan, old him Zhao Wei at the outset hesitation regrets

The Laozhao that lives in Xi'an city sees for the first time " China dragon mail " when like very much. It collected the past dynasties such as quiet day, the Republic of China, liberated area and new China mail of 168 rare precious, and, it is original bill entirely. Include stamp of dragon of 10 stamp of stamp of complete set big dragon, complete set small dragon, coil among them, in addition, still have red printing stamp, Ci Xi stamp of red penny of 60 birthday commemorative stamp, England long the rare stamp of negative great reputation.

Big dragon stamp regards Chinese history as the first stamp that go up, it is the " of stamp of " day king that mail tastes a bound. When he considers to decide to want to buy repeatedly, issue personnel to inform however: Original plan circulation and supplementary quota had been issued ended. The Laozhao that lose heart is forced to be begged to other buy, and right now " China dragon is mailed " secondhand of the market trade price has risen to near 45000 yuan or so, than primitive release price 39800 yuan full tower above 5000 multivariate. Issue just end secondhand trade to appreciate, this never hears of before Laozhao.

This also also dare not believe that, final delinquency collects an opportunity

To " China dragon is mailed " collect value and appreciate foreground, laozhao did not suspect. Dragon is the totem of Chinese traditional culture, the implied meaning is first-rate, can " China dragon is mailed " send children as cherished tradition, still can appreciate, this is the business with much with one action. Nevertheless, how can be big dragon stamp issued publicly? How can you collect 300? Is so rare stamp true? "Which have in the world so good thing, have also annulus be less than oneself. "Then, laozhao arrives 4 times early or late issue the spot to understand a situation, but oneself often waveringly is done not have make buy a decision. When he is determined to order the 5th times, issue personnel to inform Xi'an city to issue an activity to already ended ahead of schedule. He what Cang Baoxin cuts is final and helpless the price with 44500 yuan trades from the stamp market high price is gotten.
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