Pure Yin Wei of the first RMB shrinks edition Shanghai head sends set limit to 5
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To commemorate our country the first RMB issues 58 years, our country head is covered " People's Republic of China pure Yin Wei of the first RMB shrinks collect carefully book " (clothbound edition) was in a few days ago Shanghai head hair.

Add up to in what new China issues in 5 RMBs, what the first RMB initiated history of new China money is epochal, but as a result of a variety of reasons, put a world to resent at present 30. Nearly 20 come for years, its market price by every were covered 1998 28. 60 thousand yuan, litre reach 1.6 million current yuan.

According to introducing, collect carefully edition uses 1458 gram 999 pure silver is made, used the technology such as double-faced color print, bas-relief, and 124 when as postal as China approval issues the first RMB adds a bank note synchronism of par design commemorative stamp is issued. Complete set Tibet is tasted in all 4, put on sale of countrywide set limit to 5000.

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