The stamp that Sun Zhongshan designs appears to was issued in Linyi in November
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When marking birthday of Mr Sun Zhongshan 140 years, a stamp —— that designs personally by Mr Sun Zhongshan " precious of the Republic of China is mailed " be about to issue inside countrywide limits, predict to Linyi will be in at the beginning of November city and fan of broad stamp collecting see.

About expert introduction, this stamp that designed 1912 by Sun Zhongshan, it is stamp of subject matter of the first spaceflight, sun Zhongshan regards a stamp as design with very scarce at that time plane, it is to hope to carry mail this one common form, make people bring into contact with more advanced thoughts, in order to inspire civilian wisdom, science and technology allows a country.

It is reported, " precious of the Republic of China is mailed " already was appointed to be birthday of commemorative grandson Zhongshan 140 years by countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference special gift, obtained mail of the 27th whole nation to exhibit work of gold prize nomination.

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