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Came 1960 1965, design of our country stamp printed a level to greet period of the first at the height of power and splendour, appear in this period large quantities of one high-quality goods classic, with “ special ” word is annals date " goldfish " , " chrysanthemum " , " butterfly " , " Huang Shan scenery " , " peony " 5 gold spend the “ in ever was known as special type stamp ” , design of these 5 stamps is printed elegant, suffer mail confusing to love fully, they all are judged to be found a state 30 years optimal stamp.

Special 38 " goldfish " stamp (data picture)

Beautiful and colorful, some the goldfish of You Zi graceful is China is special viewing and admire animal, it gets of people love. Our country issued on June 1, 1960 special 38 " goldfish " stamp, design by Sun Chuanzhe, Liu Shuoren. First class of eye of the ball of cloth with soft nap turning over cheek on 12 stamps, black eyeball back a surname, bleb, red tiger is our country rare goldfish breed. This stamp has 4 cent, plant 8 minutes par value, circulation 4 million. Newest price of city showing mail is 1600 yuan, mark a price than head office tower above 100 yuan.

" chrysanthemum " special type stamp (data picture)

On December 10, 1960, our country Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications issues " chrysanthemum " special type stamp, stamp annals date is special 44, complete set in all 18, cent second issue, till went out on Feburary 24, 1961 neat, up to now it is our country flowers one a number is maximum is issued in the stamp. This covers a stamp to be designed by Liu Shuoren, use a shadow to write edition presswork, stamp design is You Hongyi, Qu Zhen, Hu Xuqing, Jiang Shensheng, Xu Cong 5 painters such as bless use scale of gimmick of traditional Chinese realistic painting characterized by fine brushwork and close attention to detail of traditional Chinese painting and the name tastes tradition of become eighteen China chrysanthemum. This stamp shares 8 kinds of par value, circulation is 1 million, show newest value 2200 yuan, rose in January than this year 76% .

" butterfly " stamp (data picture)

" butterfly " the stamp is issued on April 5, 1963, design by Liu Shuoren, beijing stamp factory uses a shadow to write edition presswork, complete set 20, issue the animal stamp with a maximum number for our country. What stamp picture chooses all is rare breed of the particular breed in resource of our country butterfly or world precious, be like rostellum of “ gold spot Feng Die ” of smooth ala of firebug of Feng Die ” , “ . Special now 56 cancel ticket controls for 220 yuan, on the net mail city can be bought at any time, but it is very not easy to should collect a letter that tastes be on intimate terms to sell a bill, the key is ticket of a few muscle is found hard, its price is occupied in lieutenant general of stamp of a complete set of go very large proportion.
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