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Heart stamp is being told about vicissitudes of life and brilliant, history and promote for …… on paper of among them aesthetic feeling appear vividly, people is multiplying its sail, those who cross a few chiliad is flourishing with depression, affliction and honor, war and peace, reach the other shore of years. Those who commemorate mail is tasted is medium Ma Xiaoling of secretary-general of association of stamp collecting of —— Ministry of Foreign Affairs says one of square organizers, print the main component that the stamp is communication of culture of China and foreign countries jointly, hope this covers what mail tastes to come out in can be opposite dust the further progress of friendship uses up one's pygmy effort. Up to now, china already issued a commemorative stamp jointly with on the world 20 many countries. In dust establish diplomatic relations the comes out to be stationed in Egypt embassy with me effort that commemorates mail is tasted is inseparable, meantime embassy concerned staff and dust square connection is communicated, deliberate detail, gave a large number of painstaking effort; At the same time this covers what mail tastes to print unit —— Henan to save post and telecommunications to presswork factory also result cannot do not have, to achieve the most elegant print the effect, manufacturer threw best technical force and stuff, used tall network piece plate making and 3 stiletto, use what this stamp finished between 3 climate to make.

Mr Wang Yibing ever had said stamp collecting fan: Although “ stamp has its price each, but regard culture as spirit accumulating it is impayable. ” mails the scenery scene that tastes place to engrave this group, represent the temperament of two civilization ancient country, it is their soul, their bosom, their composed with majestic, their accumulate with the new student. Heart space condenses the history brilliant, elegant and video in engraving dust friendship, premier Wen is in " in celebrating dust establish diplomatic relations 50 years hand in hand literary evening party " on point out, “ was endured long of test in dust friendship, will as this mankind civilization the miracle is euqally lasting! ” wishs to bearing the weight of in dust the regular boat of two countries friendship braves the wind and waves, go to straight before!

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