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Be this confluence the history and reality, classic with contemporary, refined with grave Aojini the hall was witnessed in dust establish diplomatic relations 50 years series commemorates mail tastes a hairdo and commemorative stamp to hand over a ceremony. China is stationed in Egypt embassy to suffer China's postal commission, will be freely dust small-sized Zhang Zhuai hands in 210 thousand stamp of Fang Chengyin and 3D of small-sized Zhang He dust square. China is stationed in couple of division of Egypt ambassador Wu Sai, Li Chen fair ginseng, Xu Zhiguo counsellor, Chen Mingjian counsellor and Egypt postmaster A come ministry of general affairs of Asia of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of rice of · law conspicuous, Egypt aids the · in A Xifuni. This is the another grand occasion that culture of the two countries after lukewarm premier of the month on afterwards visits Egypt successfully communicates, it is right in dust establish diplomatic relations 50 years to celebrate joyously a in the day grand tribute.

Although the stamp is small, it is the bridge that builds friendship however. Wu Da makes be opposite above all in ebullient speech in dust establish diplomatic relations 50 anniversary mail tastes come out express congratulation, to the design, print and issue commemorative mail to taste those who make contribution is medium dust all circles is friendly the personage thankses, the hope lends people of this farther promotional two countries the understanding of old to each other culture, deepen the friendly friendly feelings of two countries people. He expresses to develop in high speed of science and technology today, two countries is having vast cooperative space in the respect such as postal, telecommunication, believe to be below the joint efforts of two countries government and people, in dust the mutual benefit collaboration of each domains will gain new headway ceaselessly.

Ministry of general affairs of Asia of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of rice of conspicuous of Egypt postmaster law, Egypt aids Xifuni to regard as dust square delegate makes a speech respectively, their height admiration is medium the attention of a bilateral to postal domain collaboration, cordial acknowledgment both sides is this efforts, wish friendly collaboration relation has two countries more good tomorrow.

In making represent when Wu Da, just mix 210 thousand stamp 200 souvenir mail is folded when be being given in hand of director of Egypt state post office, reporters raised the photography in the hand immediately (picture) machine, magnesium light lamp shines heart layout Yi Yi is unripely brightness, it is medium dust the fruit of plentiful and substantial that the tree ties of friendship goes, it is medium dust the result with arduous and cultivated a man of insight, its birth is sure add is written in dust the new page of traditional friendship. Xiang Wu of Director Fahemi's ambassador is answered gave 1000 first days when postal design makes Zhang Ai are sealed, wu Da makes and director of law conspicuous rice is in first days to zip jointly built commemorative indicia.
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