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In dust what two countries prints jointly is medium dust establish diplomatic relations the long history that 50 anniversary mail tasted vivid ground to show two countries, bright culture and friendly association, the China that effectively explained —— of two civilized trailblazer to invent papermaking method and have the collaboration between pictographic Egypt, gift to the friendship between two countries new meaning and anxiously expect, its come out in was being attracted dust the look of all circles personage and lover of world stamp collecting.

This dust the stamp of square design is comprised by two, design is shellfish fane of building of Chinese ancient time and Egypt A Buxin. As friendly express, in square contributive printed a commemorative stamp 210 thousand. In addition, 3D of small-sized Zhang He still just was made in stereo grating is small-sized piece, setting is the Great Wall and pyramid. Especially conspicuous is, this by in the 3D that just makes is small-sized piece, it is stamp of first stereo grating of world, fasten philatelic curiosa and highest grade. In addition, china is stationed in association of stamp collecting of Egypt embassy and Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to return to establish diplomatic relations 50 years special design made commemorative mail fold, embedded souvenir is sealed, commemorative stamp couplet piece, two countries of small-sized Zhang Ji is postal the 5 commemorative stamps that issue jointly before New Year.

The stamp is small-sized distant view of stereo grating stamp chooses Zhang He 3D winding and continuous heavy Shan Junling, in showing dust friendship of long standing and well established, remain fresh forever; Close shot is used move scene gimmick emphasizes the ” of Great Wall of important sign “ that highlighted two civilization ancient country and “ pyramid ” , the mark is worn the culture that two countries people creates in long history and had great mind, they as if is historical museum of open air, without the monument of the word, the pendulum —— finger of come to a standstill is pointed to forever yesterday, the memoir with an endless nation. Singing like song place in that way, “ Great Wall and pyramid hand in hand, world culture had attractive oasis, china and Egypt hand in hand, photograph of peace, friendly affection accompanies or so ” . For better foil theme, two stamps are linked together together, “ increased to cross bridge ” among, indicate with Chinese and English Egypt of “ China — establishs diplomatic relations 50 years ” , collect with lover of convenient world stamp collecting. Does the first stamp emphasize depict Egypt A cloth? Laborious shellfish fane (AbuSimpleTemple) , it and pyramid and sphinx are eponymous, build at BC —— Gu Ai reached Latin America of the 19th dynasty 1250 on the west this 2 worlds are in office period. This one period, reach highest peak to the law adores often. 4 honour cloud-kissing Latin America on the west this face of 2 worlds colossus leans on hill eastwards and sit, outstanding Yu Qianyan between 10 thousand big pool, luo He of crouch Yu Ni is highest over water level, of great momentum, grand lofty, indicative law often esteems tall religious authority. The 2nd emphasizes depict a tower over a city gate of the door austral Xi'an (SouthGatePavilion) elegant flank, this account wears Xi'an —— the historical famous city of great change of vicissitudes of life of the Chinese nation rudes definitely lubricious Yuguai reachs an any cities, compare extensive grand vigorous and firm A cloth? Laborious shellfish fane, a tower over a city gate of the door austral Xi'an appears elegant, expert gravely, it uses 3 brim to rest the building form of hill type, upturned eaves becomes warped horn, carved beams and painted rafters, red column Huang Wa, modelling is chic, its are built and coloured drawing or pattern reflected Chinese ancient time adequately to build a style. The splendid structure in two stamps hands in photograph reflect, revealed the mankind's old and civilized boundless glamour.
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