Ancient picture of the Imperial Palace - [Gu Hua of the Imperial Palace the 2nd
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Ancient picture of the Imperial Palace - [Gu Hua of the Imperial Palace the 2nd group - 4 emperors - Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang stamp] appreciation


Autograph: Beautiful graph Culture Recreational Stamp Gu Hua of the Imperial Palace Taiwan stamp

Stamp of Taiwan of Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang

Four is round this Taiwan stamp is with Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang resembles be design. Ming Taizu is emperor of Ming Dynasty found a state, v/arc be on the throne 31 years (1382 one 1398) . Original painting is silk scroll, horizontal 51.8 centimeter, vertical 63.7 centimeter, painter full name is unspecified.
Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang leaves a person for Hao city bell, from a child becomes a monk or nun Yu Huang becomes aware the temple is a monk. Zhu Yuanzhang Yu Zhizheng 12 years of intercalary at the beginning of March a day, cast Guo Zixing following, child promote see strange Wei of Yuan Zhang appearance, different at the ordinary person, leave buy to be trusted follower arms then, lead arms go out for a battle frequently, have attack overcome surely. Child promote great rejoicing, arrange is stroked for the town, answer accord of foster daughter Martens Yuan Zhang is wife, after Gao Huang is after. To 15 years in March, guo Zixing dies of illness, its child Guo Tianxu generation gets his numerous, shi Hanlin piece instruct Feng Tianxu is marshal, zhang Tianyou is right deputy supreme commander, zhu Yuanzhang is left deputy supreme commander. Zhu Yuanzhang generously says: " v/arc true man is peaceful can Ye of person of be enslaved to be enslaved to! " do not suffer then. Dan Nianlin situation Cheng Lijiang, can use in order to become line of business of the Supreme Being, use its the title of an emperor's reign therefore in order to make army in. In September, guo Tianxu, Zhang Tianyou 2 people all die in the last ditch, then Guo Zixing ministry will use up Gui Taizu.
To 23 years (1363) in Feburary, zhang Shicheng dispatch surrounds Lv Zhen An Feng, kill Liu Futong. Han Lin group person is in an emergency at Zhu Yuanzhang, liu Ji (uncle lukewarm) expostulate with Zhu Yuanzhang cannot be gone to aid. Too Zu Yue: " Xiaoming king is surrounded very urgent, I to act according to the title of an emperor's reign of his Long Feng, cannot bear look on indifferently, because this must be gone to,save. " lead Xu Da, Chang Yuchun then toward aid, attack Lv Zhen, greet forest city putting in Chu 's charge. Right now Xiaoming king already was become too ancestor dummy, but Zhu Yuanzhang still acts according to the title of an emperor's reign of his Long Feng, with make use of a subject to elaborate one's own ideas.
To 24 years (1364) the first month of the lunar year, zhu Yuanzhang calls Wu Wang independently, build 100 department official to belong to, place is divided with Feng Bai award reach an official document or note of article having department, emperor weighing the cloud (Xiaoming king) imperial edict, wu Wang (too Zu Zhuyuan a jade tablet) your aim. To 26 years (1366) December, liu radical secret report too ancestor life Liao Yongzhong, in order to greet forest south will be a name, go to melon pace Fu forest boat, heavy at water, kill then by be addicted to.
Han Lin die already, zhu Yuanzhang becomes top chief therefore. Yuan suitable emperor comes 28 years (1368) at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 4 days, zhu Yuanzhang namely emperor purple, dynasty title " bright " , build yuan " Hong Wu " , it is to be Ming Taizu. Zhu Yuanzhang builds dynasty title to say: " big bright " .
Zhu Yuanzhang founds manage state affairs of act vigorously of Ming Dynasty logistics 31 years, purge official is treated, punish severely a corrupt official, found defend place, consolidate frontier defence, take agriculture seriously, to social stability, national unity and development, had positive effect.
He goes in for sth in a large scale a miscarriage of justice, kill kills a hero, establish bright and beautiful garment to defend, execute to Guan Min atrocious dominate autocratically, abolish prime minister is made, control sagely assist a ruler in governing a country, make Quanchen and eunuch control political power more easily, bring about bright end eunuch to counterpoise only, civilian chaos confused rises.

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