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The Olympic Games collects heat to appreciate how do you collect family educatio
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Compare with the popular investment such as negotiable securities, fund, collect taste investment to be able to be a ” of “ dark travel only. Since this year, enter as the Olympic Games time, olympic Games Tibet tastes unboiled water of investment market wind to rise, space of Cang Pinsheng cost is vast, many Tibet taste yield far outclass other investment breed. Olympic Games Tibet tastes investment, because this makes one of central points of investor attention.

These Tibet are tasted, appreciate rapid

Olympic Games stamp, this is the Olympic Games hides the yield in tasting a taller. The “ that issued 2004 goes to Beijing from Athens ” small edition piece stamp, par value is 9.6 yuan, already rose now reach 71 yuan. The stamp of 5 blessing child that issued 2005, par value 8 yuan, fly now litre reach 116 yuan. More pieces of an edition of emblem wanting number is small stamp, this stamp par value also is 8 yuan, world of one side of the year before last year is fried to reach 15 yuan, achieved 90 yuan this year in March, enter in August, market price is as high as 150 yuan unexpectedly.

The Olympic Games marks money, this is another kind of Tibet is tasted. The first group of Olympic Gameses that issued last year are common mark money, a group 2, par value 2 yuan, already went up nowadays 90 yuan. This year in June, the 2nd group of emission Olympic Gameses are common mark money, a group 3, par value 3 yuan, two months time shoots up namely reach 80 yuan, the expert predicts its appreciate latent capacity still very big.

Precious metal commemorates money releases price tall, appreciate the space is large also. The precious metal of Olympic Games of the first group of Beijing that rolled out in September 2006 marks money, cover money by 2 gold coin and the bullion that 4 silver comprise, the price when issueing is 8316 yuan, current market value has risen 17 thousand yuan. This year in July, bullion of the 2nd group of Olympic Gameses commemorates money comes out market price is 11 thousand yuan, be less than a month, already rose now reach 13 thousand yuan.

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