The worlds first ceramic stamps starting in China Jingdezhen porcelain
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The world's first high-tech ceramic stamp - "Expo country porcelain Zhenyou" yearbook 19 starting in China Jingdezhen porcelain. The ancient and modern technology from the Jingdezhen baked porcelain fused million tests after stamps From the thickness of 0.3 mm, creating a precedent for the world of new stamps. "Ceramic stamps world debut is the 2010 Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair is a major bright spot." Zhang Zhenrong Jingdezhen City, Post Bureau, said, "to carry the stamp with the inch of Jingdezhen ceramics culture, Post culture and realize the organic combination of ceramic culture, will further enhance the visibility of Jingdezhen ceramics culture. " "Expo country porcelain Zhenyou" yearbook for 2007, China Post has issued 11 stamps for the prototype of the Expo theme, create a successful production in Jingdezhen, the theme of Expo 11 countries with porcelain stamps, creative Will have a patented ceramic materials, the healing process, a major theme of integration, to make up for the lack of paper stamps. This limit is only 1 million units of valuable stamps from the Jingdezhen City Ceramic Post Office to declare the project, approved to China Post Group Corporation, China National Philatelic Corporation issued. "The use of the limit set of design works, blue lace, blue and white graphic display of China's ceramic culture, the design of each album famous hand-painted designs are the Expo venue." Jingdezhen City, Jing Liu, general manager of stamp collecting Bo said the stamps from the creative planning, patent applications, craft production, to the official release, which lasted for 8 months. According to reports, ceramic stamps after million tests from each one were polished by hand, ancient firing, the thickness of only 0.3 mm, not faded, not afraid to fall, not afraid of fire, afraid of corrosion, all reflect the Jingdezhen Ceramic Deep and great culture. Ceramic masters, Chinese ceramics artist Zeng open, said: "the world's first stamp in the Jingdezhen Ceramics Jingdezhen successful development of technological progress and innovation is the ability to reflect, not only highlights the status of Jingdezhen porcelain and the world The thick culture and marks the breakthrough of the traditional paper stamps issued material limitations. " The ceramic stamps involved in the development, said Li Siyuan, ceramic stamps using a high-tech materials, and fired twice into the furnace from high temperature. The firing process there are many uncontrollable factors, extremely prone to flaws , Yield is very low, extremely difficult. Degree of only 0.3 mm thin tiles fired at high temperature furnace for a long time, to select the flat and smooth, size of perforation and the main map screen in full compliance with the original stamp, can only be destroyed save one hundred. "The finished ceramic stamps' As hard as diamonds, run like jade, as thin as paper, silk, sound like Zhong Qing ', very rare. "Zeng said opening. Jingdezhen porcelain and because of the name is world-renowned Millennium porcelain, porcelain history of 1,700 years, China has a large number of firing the longest, largest and most sophisticated technology and civil government-run porcelain kilns. Jingdezhen porcelain with "white as jade, as bright as a mirror, as thin as paper, sound like a chime," known in the world. Zhang Zhenrong said, ceramics and the National par, Jingdezhen China is the world's "business card", stamps loss to the world, is the world understand China and the Shanghai World Expo "window." China's ceramic culture affect the world Oriented, high-tech ceramics in Jingdezhen stamp show by the wonderful high-tech Expo to demonstrate the traditional craft and modern technology, a pulse transmission, echo the profound meaning, to pass from history into the future best wishes. 2010 China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair (Porcelain Expo) opening 18 in Jingdezhen. From more than 30 countries and regions, more than 4,500 people carried out in this paper and ceramic on ceramic trade A number of exchange activities, activities will continue until October 22.