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The State Council is being carried out smoothly about the plan of postal reform in, after politics look forward to is apart, the stamp collecting market of our country will greet a new development level. Build economy of market of socialistic stamp collecting to had mentioned the order of the day. Build market of socialistic stamp collecting not to leave the policy of home of found a state direct, from the person that do not open broad stamp collecting, also cannot leave broad mail business, more cannot leave mail trade organization.

Well-known, there are 5 big stamp collectings to organize on international at present, the world stamp collecting that is a leader with Universal Postal Union namely develops association (federation of stamp collecting of WADP) , international (catalog of stamp of FIP) , international and couplet stage meets publication editor (ASCAT) . Union of trade of international stamp collecting (IFS-DA) and federation of reporter of international stamp collecting (AIJP) . Union of trade of international stamp collecting held water 1952, headquarters is set in British London. Its tenet is to advocate sincere channel heart, maintain the abide by the law interest that mail business, promote trade of international stamp collecting, with stamp collecting activity the behavior such as medium theft, fake makes a fight. With other stamp collecting constituent communication cooperates, the emission that boycotts harmful mail to taste, sale, struggle with all improper stamp collecting behavior, build healthy and orderly stamp collecting market. Additional, the membership organization of union of international mail trade is reached in international activity good reputation is enjoyed to spend in commerce, have the favourable requirement that comparative in international activity consequently. As a result of a variety of reasons, our country has not join this organization at present, its chair is organized to have by Taiwan mail business.

Since reforming and opening, as the development of activity of our country stamp collecting, concerned branch ever mailed trade union to had had a plan for many times with respect to constituent China whole nation. Be in the earliest 20 centuries in 90 time, the controller of head office of Chinese stamp collecting at that time ever established the organization that mail business to had had delibrate twice. Enter new century, the branch ever also had undertaken delibrate with respect to this matter related national post office but eventually because the condition is immature and abandon.

Recently, home mails business one batch to collect Chengdu city delibrate to make mail city new environment. The attention that this delibrate is reached social media by federation of stamp collecting of whole nation of post office of countrywide business association, state, China, this specification builds economy of market of socialistic stamp collecting to already became a pressing issue, the issue that cannot ignore among them establishs China whole nation to mail trade union namely.
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