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Thick thick think, stamp collecting and prohibit toxin almost be totally unrelated, at best is the stamp that a few countries had issued a few subject matter that prohibit toxin nevertheless. Although stamp collecting is an extremely attractive hobby, but if say it is in,rescue respect of drug taking personnel to serve as somewhat, that is day of Fang Yetan absolutely. In that heart that is cut to get riddled with gaping wounds by drugs cut out leave no stone unturned seeks drugs is exclusive insanity.

However fine fine consider, endless also like that, did not hear of almost in current stamp collecting lover which goes of drug taking, this was worth to consider. Although serve as special zone and the poison of mansion entrance guard that open a city the situation is very grim, but the member passes 10 thousand people and have this city “ the association of Xiamen stamp collecting of the good name of ” of the first association, go with respect to neither one member drug taking. Although visible stamp collecting rescues the concealed gentleman of body defect poisonous hole feebly people, but the desire tries probably in what eliminate drug taking or is the effect that comparative on the original intention of block drug taking. My individual thinks was like below a few reasons to form this kind of possibility: One of, cultural life of stamp collecting lover is richer, culture grade is opposite taller, the possibility that drugs gets a change to step in decreases relatively; Secondly, stamp collecting undertakes below the condition of brooklet of a kind of trickling sluggishly to the edify of sentiment, the state of mind that mail confuses is compared mostly smooth, at ordinary times the wave motion of the mood is rare rise to fall greatly greatly, bud goes after less likelihood the desire of strong stimulation; Thirdly, stamp collecting person economic life is frugaller, won't produce prodigal desire mostly, suck one gram whitening to be equal to at least attracted save money of work laboriously collect discipline spy ticket of a year, how to fall ” of this “ murderous scheme? Its 4, “ things of one kind come together, person with group cent ” , stamp collecting person in order to mail meeting friend, reach a stand sth on end with the stamp more piece for talking topic, mutual influence; Because make friend,put an end to basically so inadvertent and those who catch drug addiction is likely. Its 5, the person that mails wine of smoke of the hobby in confusing is opposite less, this decreased not to break up in “ smoke wine relatively of ” respect some kind of accident in invite a process, or after drown worried in dring temporarily muddleheaded. Pull rambling by-talk when, the culture hobby with this one decorous health is in stamp collecting of that is to say of no more than “ happy affection, beneficial wisdom, store face of Zhu Fang of the money, ” that make friend has a few to resist more or less the function that drugs invades. See a problem from this angle, conduce to us rising to be helpful for the new knowledge with stable society to stamp collecting activity.
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