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1. discipline 20 " great Russia October revolution 35 anniversary " complex system stamp

Issued on Feburary 14, 1953. The nominally of this ticket has two words of “ Russia ” to be a mistake, because before Russia was 1922 the bottom just holds water, the Russia before doing not have was returned when revolution in October 1917. After the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications discovers an error on Feburary 12 electrify whole nation. The requirement stops carry out this stamp, but specific area processing is not seasonable, bring about a few bad bill work off. The sale that Changsha held 1989 should cover new bank note to clinch a deal with 12 thousand yuan on the meeting.

2. is special 15 " Tian An Men puts a ray " complex system stamp

Issued on June 15, 1956. Because somebody points out 10 thousand rays in the sky resemble Tian An Men of this ticket design,atom bomb explodes, lack is auspicious atmosphere. Then the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications is in urgent telegram each district called in on June 12 this ticket, but still have a few afflux society. Beijing had auctioned 1993, base price 70 thousand yuan. Show every new fare to be worth 100 thousand yuan of above.

3. discipline 54 " congress of student of the 5th world " complex system stamp

Issued on September 1, 1958. Because congress is incognito,learn couplet for “ international ” of the 5th congress, the stamp name that reason prints ahead of schedule nots agree with be cancelled to issue. Door of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications makes work at giving out urgent telegram to ask each district stops on August 28 this ticket, but few number place sells ahead of schedule, cause a few bad bills to flow into a society, current, market price of this new bank note exceeds 100 thousand yuan.

4. Discipline 92 " archaic scientist " (Cai Lun) stamp of complex system of word of the ” before “

Issued on December 1, 1962. Time is born to cannot be taken an examination of as a result of Cai Lun on the stamp, reason made a question mark after ” of “ the Christian era, but became “ BC however when plate making? ” , leak again when presswork one of blowing complete edition, as a result appears the bad bill of word of a ” before having “ . Because bad bill mixes 50 in complete edition in, discover hard temporarily, wait for discovery when the announcement calls in, already had partial work off. Beijing auctioned this old ticket 1993, clinch a deal valence is 3450 yuan.

5. " countrywide the land of country red " complex system stamp

Issued on November 25, 1968. This ticket has volume two kinds of norms, large 56×38 millimeter is a banner, allegedly it imprinted only one edition, use for examining, think size is too large after, instead is straight a small-sized 40×30 millimeter. Be in however day of stamp head hair points out with respect to somebody hostage problem concept is not accurate (involve Taiwan) , cause misunderstanding easily, then each district of urgent telegram of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications halts put on sale. But because a few post office fails,seasonable announcement assistant stops carry out. Cause “ a red ” became China's the famousest, most popular wrong hostage.
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