Stamps stunning gains
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Recently, reporters from the collectibles market in Wuhan learned, "81" version of the beginning of a chicken voting until 50, and now the market price has reached 230 yuan / gold; a stamp benchmark known as the "80 version of" Monkey votes , rose 500 yuan a month / gold, new record high. Wuhan collectibles market dealers Chow, currently the market is relatively hot varieties stamps. Lunar New Year Series continue to be optimistic, 2003 Mini-pane (votes) rebound, and some popular varieties of pick-up, the market stabilized. Week, a full-ticket increase is not small Zodiac, "Xin chicken" from the 32,000 yuan to 3.3 yuan, "Saigon dog" rose to 4,500 from the 4,000 yuan, "Guihai pig" by the 8200 yuan rose to 9500 yuan. Shaw, senior dealers Wuhan boss told reporters that the recent market has been good stamps, and other varieties of stamps is also a great gain, such as the fight against SARS in 2003 commemorative stamps, a version of 12, when selling only 27 yuan, and now edition sold for 1,600 yuan. Shaw boss that, according to the present situation, this wave of market may be more than 1997.