Six years ago, sold for 2.2 million yuan Shenzhou stamps and then sell 1.6 mill
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Yesterday, Sichuan Rui Jia said the auction company responsible person, take the "Shenzhou V" into outer space of the three full-page stamps will soon be in Chengdu auction, starting price of about 160 million. It is understood that the set of stamps on the face of carrying Shenzhou Chinese Space first person to fly pre astronaut Yang Liwei and Nie Haisheng, Zhai Zhigang 3 autographs, and with the "Shenzhou V" with space travel. Three full-page stamps are full-page version of Tiananmen Square (4 × 5 pieces / version), full-page version of wishful (4 × 5 pieces / version), knot full-page edition (personalized stamps 4 × 5 pieces / Edition). December 18, 2004, in Chengdu public auction. From 30 million to 2.2 million yuan traded at high prices, stamp auction world record at the history of the new record. He revealed yesterday's auction, took away six years ago to high-priced stamps Shenzhou mystery bidder from Tianjin, due debts to the stamps to the current principal arrived, but not very good client of the stamp collection, so I decided to the form of auction realized the stamps. Originally sold for high prices in Chengdu Shenzhou stamps, the first time in six years increased investment is not worth it? Fang said this auction, which depends on market reaction, the initial set their starting price is 160 million.