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A few years ago, in dust ever issued a commemorative stamp jointly, the “ chart level that the “ SamSung that design is our country respectively piles ” of head portrait of platinic gold face guard and Egypt blocks ” of head portrait of unconscious gold face guard, this mail is folded chose this to cover a stamp again, date from is worn erst friendship. The gold face guard that SamSung caboodle comes up out of land is to overspread what go up in bronze poll, the dignity of the person that resplendent and magnificent gold surface adorns with showing is sent compatibly. This gold face guard of Tutankameng is Gu Ai and the most luxuriant work, craft is masterly, gold surface is engraved with the line show guardianship goddess to protect a law with assistant old, the contrast of gold and black lacquer appears concise and high, his crown is comprised by the vulture of indicative fluctuation Egypt and cobra, it is the law old majesty, right that receives everything with all supremely is reflected. Be apart tens of thousands of lis, count chiliad up and down, for different to two of ancient civilization people, historical contrail actually so similar like this, all these is the history it seems that is inevitable.

Say souvenir is sealed besides. A souvenir is sealed, it is an artwork: Want to conceive profundity of choiceness, implied meaning not only, and should presswork delicate, design is elegant. In first days of Feng Zheng that Egypt issues the face chooses “ A cloth. Xin Bei straps shrine (AbuSimpleTemple Egypt) a tower over a city gate of the door austral Xi'an of ” , “ (South GatePavilionChina) ” stamp, indicia imprints in having “ dust hand in hand 50 years, initiate happiness jointly tomorrow the English model of written characters of ” . In just roll out this establish diplomatic relations 50 anniversary seal the pen that can saying is the dot eyeball that a variety of souvenir mail taste, “ of it may be said seals ” affection 10 thousand kinds, “ seals ” light infinite. Souvenir is sealed left echo each other at a distance of design of ensign of two countries of the design of two countries national emblem of next horn and small-sized Zhangshang top left corner, feng Zheng face, the reverse side still notes diplomacy to explain with the character, formed whole commemorative set; And the propagandist effect that the choice of stamp, indicia and collocation produced them more adequately: Level of chart of the ” of head portrait of face guard of gold of “ SamSung caboodle that China and Egypt two countries issue, “ blocks stamp of ” of head portrait of unconscious gold face guard to deserve to stick respectively, build the commemorative jab of ” of “ Great Wall and design of “ pyramid ” again, among them two peaks photograph to travel camel team had advanced ahead, go in the Silk Road, go in Tang Bo ancient to, team of camel of archaic business travel takes Chinese silk, culture to the west, change ancient India culture, Persia culture, Arabic and China of acculturation of Gu Xila, ancient Rome. This road is coherent Gu Jin, camel team people taking old culture, take the Chinese nation “ and be mixed for expensive ” , “ and the historical culture of different ” is traditional, move toward harmonious happiness tomorrow.
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